May 28, 2024

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BarkBox – Your Dog’s Monthly Subscription Box

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A new puppy has been added to the Binary Blogger household and with that the new challenges of keeping her entertained and not chewing up the house. This means new toys regularly as old ones are chewed up, trying out different foods and treats and keeping things fun for young kids raising their first dog. Pet stores are available but in the long run, they can be expensive and not have the variety you are looking for. After a few visits, you get to know what they have.

This is where BarkBox comes in very handy, fun and convenient. BarkBox is a monthly subscription box but for your dog.

I have done other subscription boxes before and loved every one of them. This one is very similar but tailored for your dog. Each month has a different theme (click here to see past themes) and the box contains stuffed toys, treats and other chew toys that match the monthly theme. Every month a new box shows up and away you go, it’s that easy and great fun.

Each box is $35 but BarkBox puts the value of each box’s contents well over that if you buy them in stores separately. When you break them down and look it’s an accurate statement. You can choose a month, 6 months or year subscription, the cost per box drop the longer term.

Because you found this article I can offer readers of Binary Blogger a FREE month when you sign-up with a 6 or 12 month subscription here – , make sure you use this link to get the free month added.

If you have an older dog or a new puppy this can be a great addition and both of you can look forward to opening the cardboard box each month to see what’s inside.

What’s Inside?

End of line.

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