May 25, 2024

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How To: Using The Parental Controls App With The Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch gaming console is the most fun, family-friendly system on the market today. The majority of the games on the system are kid-friendly, however, there more adult-themed games available than any other Nintendo system before it. As a parent, you want to make sure the young players are having fun but also monitoring and allowing the games they play.

Nintendo has a great option for parents that is very easy to use. The Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app, available for Apple iOS and Android, allows parents to set gaming limitations, as you see fit, right from your mobile phone without ever having to touch the Switch. With the mobile aspect of the Switch device, this app will allow you to set limits no matter where the console is.

There are many things you can do with this app and the Switch limitations. Everything is controlled through the app using a PIN you set.




Here are the things you can do with the app:

  • Monitor how long the Switch has been played each day. You can even get a monthly summary of daily use.
  • See what games are played.
  • Set daily time limits
    • Set total playing time during a day.
    • Set the hours the Switch can be played during each day, like no playtime after 9pm.
  • Set the types of games that can be played based on the age ratings
    • You can also whitelist games to be excluded from any limits you set.
  • You can also set limitations on what activities users can do while using online features.
    • Limit sharing in-game text messages or images
    • Restrict the ability to post screenshots online
    • You can also set restrictions who can use the Nintendo eShop to make purchases.

All the above is controlled through the app. The users will see messages on the console when they near game playing limits and put the console to sleep if it’s used during down periods. If you want to release more time to lift the restrictions you can do that through the app or enter your Parental Control PIN on the Switch.

Download the Nintendo Switch Parental Control App here:





I use this app on our Switch and I know that I can let the kids play the Switch knowing what they can and cannot do. This app let me lock it down to the levels that they need and there have no issues with functionality or too many complaints from the limits from the players. 🙂

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