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2019 Tech Predictions Reviewed

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Each year I throw out my predictions for the coming year. Unlike other sites, I go back and see how I did on my predictions. This year was the roughest since I started doing this.

Here are my predictions from last year and how they turned out. You can see the original post here.

  • Mark Zuckerberg will step down as Facebook CEO.
    • FAILWith all the pressure from governments about Facebook’s practices and the continuing leaks I though there would be one more big bombshell and the boy wonder would step aside. I was wrong.
  • The largest Distributed Denial Of Service Attack on the Internet Backbone will be unleashed.
    • FAILThis one I will call a fail. Although there have been other DDoS attacks they weren’t at the level I had predicted. This doesn’t mean they weren’t tried, as cybersecurity is a tough area to see success in the absence of any actions, so there might have been attempts but the back end protected it, or not. This is still a major risk out there and it could happen at any time.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Will Be Enabled By Default By Major Financial Services. 
    • SUCCESS This I am calling a success. I actually did a Security In Five podcast episode when I saw the news when this came true. You can hear that episode here. Major banks will start to roll this out as mandatory going forward, not because they want to but because their competitors are. Cybersecurity posture can be and is becoming a competitive differentiator.
  • It will come out that Microsoft is replacing Edge because of an undisclosed, severe vulnerability that cannot be fixed. 
    • UNDETERMINED – Microsoft announced a major overhaul for their recent browser, Edge. The exact details on the real reasons for the big shift will never be known publicly but it’s a big move for a new browser only 4 years old. It will make no difference to me as I will never voluntarily use a Microsoft browser. They are still in the data business.
  • Microsoft will release a free Windows version.
    • FAIL – I thought this was going to be true. There are so many benefits and reasons Microsoft should consider this move, especially with their code-centric vision after acquiring GitHub. Able to get a stripped-down Windows OS to develop on would open so many doors both for personal growth for developers and business doors. IMO.
  • AWS and Azure will see a significant adoption slowdown and a major exodus of big clients for private clouds.
    • FAILThis couldn’t be more wrong. Moving on…
  • My Security In Five podcast will hit 20,000 downloads a month.
    • SUCCESS – This is 100% a SUCCESS and all because of you. The Security In Five podcast is averaging 20,000+ unique listens a month for the last 6 months and since it’s launch it’s approaching 400,000 unique downloads. That’s you! Thank you.

End of line.

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