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Binary Blogger Tech Predictions for 2020

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It’s 2020 and time for my predictions for the coming year. These are my opinions on what I think will or will not happen. Then at the end of the year, I review them and see how I did.

2019’s predictions and review can be read here.

Predictions for 2020

  • 5G will be underwhelming and considered a bust – If you are paying attention to any media you will see that 5G is all the rage. It’s supposed to revolutionize how we browse the internet, speeds that will put home Internet Service Providers (ISPs) out of business because we will all use 5G everywhere. I say its rollout will be a bust. Speeds will be not what was advertised and it will be unreliable.
  • Privacy Laws/Regulations Will Have An Unforeseen Backlash – California’s privacy law (CCPA) takes effect today. The GDPR is in full swing and more privacy laws are coming. However in 2020, toward the end of the year, there will be a backlash from the user’s around them. The reason will be the free model will begin to go away and pay to play, ala carte type paid subscriptions will begin to pop into your favorite services. Why? The revenue from selling your data needs to be made up…
  • The first corporate executive will be brought up on charges after a breach – There will be a breach this year that will show the reality behind the scenes on the security decision, or lack thereof, and an executive will face criminal charges. There have been talks about it going to that level for years and in 2020 we see it happen.
  • Deep Fake will hit the mainstream as a major news network will see one, run with it as real – Deep Fake videos are terrifying on what they can do. As technology speeds increase, costs drop, it’s getting easier for more people to make them. A video around the presidential election will be a deep fake video but so convincing a major news network, running on the emotional 24-hour news cycle, will run with it as real.
  • Next-Gen Video Games Will Be Digital Only, No Media – In the long run, everything will be subscription-based. The next-gen video game systems, for a major title (not every game), will no be sold in stores but digital-only. This will be done for many reasons, the size of the game, the online required aspect to play the game as the core will be on cloud servers and not run locally, and third to full control the market for after retail. It’s only a matter of time, local storage options will take home players only so far with these 4k+ hi-res games.

There we go, 5 predictions for 2020. See you in 12 months to see how I did.

End of line.

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