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How Writing A Journal Can Organize Your Life And Mind

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One of the most underrated activities that can help you focus and bring context to everything is personal journaling.

Lives today are fast, over-scheduled, busy and over time it can become a drain no matter how organized you may think you are. One of the most underrated activities that can help you focus and bring context to everything is personal journaling. Journaling is not new but how you journal is important. A personal journal is not note-taking, checklists for tasks for the day or meant to be structured. There are productivity activities and tools to use in your productive life.

A personal journal is a private, never to be seen by anyone, a dump of raw thoughts and emotions around the aspects of your life. Positive, neutral, negative, planning, solving obscure problems and all the other things you may talk to yourself or the little voice in your head whispers. Journaling helps bring those out of the corners of your mind, processed and written out. There have been many studies and reports showing the benefits of writing things down.

  • Clarify your thoughts and feelings
  • Get to know yourself better
  • Reduces stress by seeing your thoughts on the screen or paper in words
  • Solve problems more effectively
  • Improve memory
  • Feel calmer
  • Be more creative
  • Track patterns
  • See trends toward life goals
  • Let go of thoughts and ideas
  • and more…

How do you get started?

You just do. There is no magic formula to what you should write but there are aspects of journaling you should consider to make is worthwhile for you.

  • Write every day for at least 5-10 minutes.
  • Try to write twice a day, once as you start the day and once at the end and reflect.
  • Write in a private, quiet area free from distractions.
  • Write for you, no one else needs to see what you write.

Journaling has a negative connotation that it’s only for people dealing with negative issues in their life. This is not true. Journaling can also be great fun and nostalgic by chronicling your daily life in a very personal way.

Record the events of an exciting kid’s sports game. Reflect on your job, the meetings you have, people you meet in a very personal, raw way that you would never say or record anywhere else. Find a journaling app where you can attach photos and audio files. Use tags to break out the personal journal, private entries from the chronicle ones that you may want to print and share with others.

Tip – When you write about anyone else write their full name and all the details you can. Reflecting back on year’s old entries this will be helpful.

I have been journaling on and off for years. Now I do it almost daily both for personal, work and fun.

There are many apps and methods from a paper notebook to full-blown software suites. I prefer something that I can journal anywhere with any device whether it’s my PC, phone or hit a website. Mostly it’s my phone.

I have switched apps and methods a few times over the years but I have landed on Journey as my goto. This is not a sponsored or affiliate post, just a recommendation on what I use and you may find useful for your journaling.

End of line.

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