June 12, 2024

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Random iPhone Tips – Part 1

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The iPhone is a wonder of technology and has become a powerful tool in most of our lives. As convenient as the phone is there is far more you can do with it that can make things easier and perhaps do things you were unaware it could do. I decided to collect these hidden gems or ‘hacks’ for your iPhone and write a multi-part series.

Here’s Part 1 of Random iPhone Tips.


Apple’s native web browser has many extra features and tricks you cannot do with other browsers you install. One of those is screenshots. If you are like me you take screenshots often. As a reminder to take a quick screenshot you hit the Lock and Volume Up button at the same time. When you screenshot from Safari you get an added bonus.

After your screenshot is taken, tap on it and you will see two options at the top. Screen and Full Page. Tap on Full Page and you will see that Safari not only screenshot the screen but the whole scrolled website. Now you can scroll up and down the entire webpage and pick what you want.


Did you know the Notes app can be used as a document scanner too? Open Notes and create a new note, tap on the Camera icon and tap Scan Documents. Hold the camera over a document and the app will highlight the outline.

Snap a picture and the document will be saved as a PDF in notes. Great feature for saving receipts, important documents, and when conducting espionage missions.


The calculator app didn’t become a vital app until you had kid’s at home for distance learning. Fat fingering numbers, like in the old days, had you hit clear and start over. The calculator app on the iPhone has a very simple and often unknown feature to save time and frustration for fat fingering numbers.

If you enter the wrong number or too many numbers simple swipe right on the numbers to delete them one at a time. This saves you time and frustration, especially if you are doing a multiple entry calculation.


Lastly for Part 1 is the timer. I use the timer every single day. Whether it’s to remind me to end a task, or begin one, to being a vital part of my cooking the timer is my goto app. Using the timer is clunky at best, if you don’t have an Apple Watch, but there’s a really easy way to engage the timer instead of opening the Clock app and going to timers then setting the dials. Swipe down and use the Control Center.

Tap and hold down the Timer icon. A new screen pops up, scroll to select your time from 1 minute to 2 hours and hit start. That’s it.

That’s it for Part 1. Stay tuned for many more posts with quick tips and ‘hacks’ for the iPhone you may not be aware of.

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