May 29, 2024

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Random iPhone Tips – Part 2

2 min read

Here is another collection of iPhone tips you probably don’t know about but will find useful.

Handwritten Texts

Did you know you can handwrite/draw texts? It’s quite simple.

First, open a new text message, then turn your phone to the side. Click on the squiggly button in the lower right next to the return.

You will get the doodle pad (that’s what I call it). Use your finger and write/draw when you want. Hit Done and then send your message.

That’s it!


Password Protect Notes

Did you know the native Notes app in iOS has additional security features? Yes, you can password protect individual notes. Like all these tips, it’s easy to do. First, go into iOS Settings and then Notes.

Then click on Password.

Set your password for your locked notes.

Go into Notes app and create a new note or choose an existing note. To protect it, swipe left and click the Padlock.


A locked note will have a padlock next to it.

Now when you access a locked note you will be prompted for your Notes password.

Auto-Fill Any Text

Sick and tired of entering your email address, fat fingering it, having to delete and re-type it? There’s an easier way to quickly enter long complicated strings you use regularly like emails, phone numbers, text reply messages. Here’s how. Go into Settings > General. Then click on Keyboard.

In keyboards, click Text Replacement.

Click on the Plus sign in the upper right to add a new replacement. In this example, I created a replacement of @@ with my email address Now, anytime I need to enter my email I type-in @@ instead and my email will be filled in for me.


There you go, three more tips you probably didn’t know about your iPhone but may find useful.

End of line.

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