May 29, 2024

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Random iPhone Tips – Part 3

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Welcome to Part 3 of random iPhone tips you probably didn’t know about. The iPhone is a device packed full of features most aren’t aware of and fewer use properly. I wanted to compile these tips and tricks and share them with all of you.

Hidden Parental Control – Guided Access

Anyone with small children knows the pain of trying to keep them in one app and not exit out and cause havoc on your phone. Little fingers deleting photos, texting random people with jibberish or locking you phone for an hour with wrong passcode entries. There is a way to lock the phone to when you hand over your device to your child (or anyone) to watch YouTube or use an app to keep them there no matter what they do. It’s called Guided Access and here’s how to enable it.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access. Turn it on.

After you turn it on set a passcode you will remember.

When you want to lock the phone to stay in one application you hit the lock button three times and hit Start. To unlock hit it three times again and enter your Guided Access passcode, this will be different than your phone code (and should be).

Now you can hand over your phone locked to YouTube and your little one can’t get out and mess up your phone.

Hide Your Photos

Your phone is your camera and if you are like me you have 1,000 plus photos on your device. Depending on how you use your phone and if other’s see or use it you may not want all your photos to be seen. There is a way to hide photos but not delete them. Here’s how to do it.

Go into your photo album, hit select and select the photos you want to hide. Once you select them hit the share button, scroll down and you will see an option called Hide. Hit that.

To view your hidden photos click on your Albums and scroll to the bottom and you will see an album called Hidden, click to view.

To unhide them you just reverse the process, select the photos, hit the share button then select Unhide.

Scroll Between Apps Easily

You probably know how to switch between apps and use the standard method. You swipe up halfway to see your open apps and you pick which one you want to go to. Did you know there is another way? Here’s how to do it.

Open any app and switch to another app swipe right at the very bottom left corner of the screen. Start on the far left and swipe right. That’s it.

There you have three more tips and tricks you probably didn’t know about in iOS.

End of line.


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