May 25, 2024

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5 Tips for Dealing With Anxiety as a Business Owner This COVID Season

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No one has anticipated that 2020 would be as challenging as it is. When the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a global health crisis, governments around the world ground everything to a halt. As a result, businesses closed, and people started losing jobs. The global economy tanked. Business owners had to watch as their businesses started to lose profit. They had to learn to adapt to the changes brought by COVID quickly or risk losing their business altogether.

With the critical hit that the economy sustained from the pandemic, it is no wonder that more people have now developed anxiety. From the fear of getting infected to the fear of losing their source of income, people are under a lot of pressure just to survive; and the pressure is doubled for people who own businesses as their employees depend on them as well.

Tips on how to deal with anxiety

Business owners carry the responsibility of not only meeting their customers’ needs but also providing proper compensation to their employees. A daunting task at the best of times, nearly insurmountable and definitely anxiety inducing for most during this pandemic. So how do you cope?

Limit your media exposure.

The news is rife with statistics about the pandemic. News about death tolls and the closure of businesses will take a toll on your mental health. It is good to disconnect from news every once in a while. Give your mind a chance to shake itself clean of the stress that those statistics can bring. Find a reliable news source and check that twice a day at most. Do not get sucked in by sensationalistic news reporting from less reliable sources. And if you are one of those business owners that provide pandemic news to their employees, make sure that they come from a reliable source and that you encourage your employees to limit their media exposure as well.

Practice good hygiene and social distancing.

One way of easing anxiety is to act, to do something that would help you feel less anxious. As a business owner, one of the foremost responsibilities you have is to provide a safe space to work for your employees. To ensure that your business remains COVID-free, place social distancing protocols at work and ensure that your employees, and yourself, practice good hygiene. Having good health and safety protocols in place will help lessen your worries about spreading infection.

Write down the things you are grateful for.

Whether in your personal life or in your business, there will be silver linings. It is not all doom and gloom amid this pandemic. Writing down the things you are grateful for, both as a business owner and as a person, will help you realize that there still are good things out there. This practice will help you focus on the positive. Encouraging your employees to practice gratitude will also help you cultivate a positive work environment during these uncertain times.

CBD oil

CBD has been known to reduce anxiety and stress levels in the body. Incorporating CBD enriched products like CBD gummies or CBD oil into your daily healthcare routine will not only help you keep anxiety at bay, but also help bring your body back into equilibrium. They are cheaper than prescription anxiety medication as well.

Maintain good health — exercise and eat well

Perhaps one of the best ways to strengthen your immune system is to make sure you get plenty of nutrients from good, clean food, and exercise. Including a good diet and an exercise regimen into your routine is a good way to release happy hormones and maintain a healthy body, something that we all need during this pandemic. You can encourage your employees to eat healthily and exercise as well to spread good vibes all around.

Should you feel that your anxiety is getting the better of you, do not hesitate to call your local emergency numbers. There are mental health services available to the public. Remember, you are not alone in this. Seek help when you need it.



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Heather Smith is the Communications Manager at Sunday Scaries. She’s a composed copywriter and content strategist. She’s also a CBD advocate, promoting a healthy lifestyle free of stress and scaries.

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