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Convert Image To Text Comparison

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Convert Image to Text – compare the options here!

Manual conversion of images or scanned pdf files to editable text has become outdated. Today, if you want to convert images to a textual format, you have to make sure you are using the digital means to do it. You can find all sorts of utilities and services on the web that can help you solve different problems and queries. If you want to convert an image to text electronically, you need to try out the best image to text or OCR tools.

In the past, it was hard to find a reliable image to text converter tool. Still, today, you can easily find more than hundreds of free and paid OCR tools for converting images to text. In this post, we have handpicked the best converter tools for your ease.

Image to Text Converter by SearchEngineReports.Net

The image to text converter by SearchEngineReports is one of the premium services you can find online. This image to text converter tool uses OCR (optical character recognition) technique to identify all the text on an image and then convert it to editable text or word format. This image to text converter tool is free and can be used by all users and on all devices. You have to open this image to text converter on your browser and enter the upload box’s text-rich images. After insertion, you have to click on the ‘convert’ button, and you would get your text in less than five to ten seconds.

This image to text converter is available in over ten languages, so you can use it to convert all sorts of text in different languages.

Microsoft One Note

This is a digital note-keeping service offered by Office. Still, this tool’s OCR feature ranks it among the best image to text converters. This converter’s working procedure is quite simple, and you have to insert an image in one note and right-click on it. A small box would popup; in it, you would find the option that says, ‘copy text from the picture.’ You have to hit this option and let the tool do its magic. The recognized and converted text would automatically be copied to your clipboard, or you can also get it in word format for further editing. You must know that one note can be used on both your desktop and smartphone devices.

Simple OCR

The simple OCR, as the name suggests, is a simple image to text converter service. You must know that this image to text converter tool comes with both free and paid versions. You can enjoy the free services of the simple OCR for fourteen days, and after that, you would have to hook up with a paid package. The conversion process of this image to text converter service is quite easy. It can be understood even by a layperson. After converting the text from the image, you can even edit and validate it manually to check and remove human errors. The tool has its very own built-in spelling checker, which can improve the quality of the text found in the image.

Boxoft Free OCR

This is another free optical character recognition service that can be used to extract all sorts of text from images. This image to text converter tool can cater to all sorts of image formats, making conversion easier. This free ocr tool can also help you in the conversion of scanned pdf files to editable text. The conversion process of this tool is exceptionally accurate, and it is best for converting machine prints. It cannot only recognize handwritten notes, but it can also help you recognize multi-column layouts.

Free OCR to Word

This is another windows-based image to text converter service. This image to text conversion service is best because it can help you get 100% results free of cost. This converter tool also supports all major formats, including photoshop files. The best feature of using this free ocr tool is to protect and keep the original quality and style of text that you would find in the image. The tool can get you to text in Txt format and also in word.

Vue scan

This is a very user-friendly image to text conversion service. You can use this conversion software online, and you can also get its application version for your pc or smartphones. This OCR tool is compatible with all sorts of operating systems, and it works in more than thirty different languages. If you have images having complicated content on them, this is the perfect tool that can accurately juice out all the text.


There is a large collection of OCR/image to text converter tools that can help you get text from an image. It is important to use these image to text converter tools because they can help you save a lot of time and money, which is wasted in the manual conversion of text. Furthermore, these services can also help you improve your productivity.

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