May 29, 2024

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Great Ways to Optimize Mac’s Performance

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Mac itself is already quite an investment, and it is very disappointing when it becomes really slow for unknown reasons. You have to decide to ask a specialist to repair it or buy specialized software that will help improve your Mac’s speed.

However, apart from paid services that can help you with the improvement of Macbook’s speed and performance, there are also a lot of ways that can really help you with the computer’s performance and won’t cost you money.

Therefore, in the article that we are sharing today, you will find a list of 11 short and effective tips to improve Mac performance.


Get Macbook Optimization Software

Sometimes, the simplest solution would be to get Mac optimization software and leave the work for it. A tool that scans and eliminates malware, securely removes unwanted system junk, or adjusts parameters you would have to tinker with in Terminal sounds like a good investment, right?

Keep an Empty Desktop

Build a healthy habit, and make sure you clean your desktop every day. The more items you have on your screen, the slower the Mac will become because to display each thumbnail, the computer needs to use the system’s resources.

If you need the files and deleting them is not an option, at least create a folder and place them there for quick access.

Edit Login Items


Removing some of the login items or maybe even all of them will help your Mac startup faster. Login items are apps that launch after your Mac boots.

To see what are your current login items, click the Apple logo, go to the System Preferences, open Users & Groups options, and go to the Login Items.

Check the Storage Menu

Storage is one of the most important things that influence the speed of a Mac. If you have less than 10% of free disk space, that is probably the main reason your Mac is slow.

To check the storage situation, click the Apple logo, then open the About This Mac option, and go to the Storage menu.

Optimize Storage

In the Storage menu’s window, you will notice a Manage button. Once you click it, you will see another menu that includes four suggestions that will help free up disk space on your Mac.

The Optimize Storage option can help you automatically remove movies, and tv shows that you have already watched on your computer. However, this only works if you use Apple TV.

Reduce Clutter

The Reduce Clutter suggestion will navigate you through various files on your computer, including large files that you most likely no longer need.

However, this feature won’t perform any action automatically; the final decision to remove certain files is still yours.

Store in iCloud

You can store up to 5 GB of files for free on the iCloud platform. Therefore, by enabling the Store in iCloud option, you will allow the macOS to automatically store files on the cloud platform rather than on the computer.

If you need more space but do not want to pay money for it, you can use multiple cloud storage platforms.

Empty Bin Automatically

The Empty Bin Automatically option is very helpful for those of you who often forget to empty the Trash Bin.

Enabling this feature will allow your computer to remove the files in the Trash Bin after 30 days of their initial deletion have passed.

Uninstall Unneeded Apps

Afterward, you will need to continue clearing up disk space manually. The more free disk space you have, the faster your Mac will be able to perform.

Therefore, start removing unnecessary items from your computer by uninstalling apps you no longer need. When checking the Storage menu, you should have noticed that apps take up a huge part of the disk space.

Clean the Downloads Folder

The Downloads folder is the second place you should check in order to remove files you no longer need. This folder often accumulates such files because it stores random items you download from the internet.

Therefore, some of these files might have been downloaded accidentally, and some of them might have zero use because you only used them once, for instance, to check a PDF coupon’s code.

Delete Similar Photos

From time to time, you should review your Photo Library and remove similar photos. Nowadays, when phones have such powerful cameras, a single photo can weigh up to 10 MB.

More to it, if you work as a social media content creator or an influencer, it means that you have tons of pictures, and you will easily find similar ones to delete.

Clear Cache

Cache files are used to launch certain system’s processes, apps, and websites faster. However, once there are too many cache files on your computer, they will only slow it down.

Thus it is best to clear the cache files from time to time. If the macOS really needs those cache files that you have deleted, it will just create new ones.


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