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10 Solid Reasons To Use React Native For Your Multi-Platform Development

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Earlier, programmers do face a lot of difficulties regarding coding because they have to code differently for different platforms but now due to the emergence of cross-platform development, it has become far easier for them to code. Cross-platform app development allows the use of a single codebase for different platforms and devices.

As of now, there are several technologies that are offering multi-platform app development ease. Though React Native out them are getting highly popular due to its advantages it offers not only for the mobile app developers but also for the businesses looking for developing enterprise solutions.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the reasons why businesses should opt for React Native over others for multi-platform app development. But before diving into the factors to choose React Native, firstly we will have a look over the terms like cross-platform or multi-platform development and React Native.

So let’s starts with

Definition – Cross-platform development

Cross-Platform app development is the creation of software with the use of a single code, and that single code can be used in multiple platforms and different environments. For instance, React Native apps can work efficiently with different platforms like android, iOS, Windows, etc.

For creating an app, we need a programming language. Also, we need different programming languages for different platforms. So here we need to code differently for different platforms but with the help of Cross-platform app development we only need one language to code that is JavaScript and that will work in all different platforms.

What is React Native?

React Native, designed by Facebook, is a cross-platform app development framework that is open source. In order to solve the problem of multiple programming for different platforms.

As the technology arrived in the market, it just made it easier for the React Native developers to code.

Advantages of React Native Development

React Native uses JavaScript and it is one of the most used languages the developers across the world. Therefore, it became much easier for them to develop a mobile app React Native framework.

React Native app development allows changing app view as per native apps. That is one of the major advantages of React Native.

As mentioned earlier, React Native development works on a single code base, which means developers have to create a single codebase and the similar codebase can be used for developing apps for different platforms.

Not even this, developers can utilize code from different projects in the running project. Thanks to the platform’s code reusability feature.

Other than this, there are several advantages of opting for React Native for app development like the development of user-friendly, performance-oriented, in-budget apps.

Reasons to use React Native for Your Multi-Platform Development

  1. Budget-friendly

React Native saves money. If you are developing an app without using React native then it is very cost-friendly because you have to program differently for different platforms.

But by using React Native for Your Cross-platform app development, will cost you less.

In React Native, All you have to do is code it, and you are done. In this way, you save time and also you save money.

  1. Interface is simple

The entire features of React Native for Cross-platform app development are very simple, attractive, and eye-catching. This means you can design your entire apps through pre-built declarative components like a picker, slider, switch, etc.

The entire creation of your website seems a bit easy with React Native Multi-Platform Development.

  1. Transition Becomes Easy from web page to mobile app & Code Reusability

By using React Native Cross-platform app development, the migration process becomes very easy.  With the help of React native transition from web page to mobile app becomes quite simple.

You have got a special and unique feature in React native that for the creation of an app in Cross-platform app development, you only have to code once for different platforms and you can use it anywhere Windows, iOS, Apple, etc.

  1. Compatible with 3rd party Plugins

Being an Open source framework, React Native allows developers to use 3rd party Plugins.

Earlier it was a serious issue for developers that they cannot use plugins of 3rd party due to security reasons but now as React Native Provides this Feature, it becomes super easy for developers to code.

  1. Rich Performance – Cross-platform app development

For getting the rich performance you can use native codes too in react native. React native Cross-platform development allows you to use these codes to build outstanding performance. By using these codes you can drive your app performance to the next level.

  1. React Native provide a huge community to help you

React Native is an open-source framework which is designed by Facebook and because of this several other companies joined react native with their unique features.

In React Native you will find developers of the companies like Infinite Red, Microsoft, call stock have created Libraries.

For those who are new to the development sector and looking to make their career, React Native is the best platform to start as it is easy to learn and huge community support is always there to help you with development issues.

  1. React Native has Pre-built components 

It is one of the best time-saving features in react native. The reason is that sometimes developers have already written the code that is to be used in your app.

They only have to pick that code and insert it into your app.

“All you have to write it once and you can use it everywhere”

This feature has been provided by react native for absolutely at no cost.

  1. Widens the audience reach

As today’s audience invests most of their time in mobile, so why not business people should use mobile as a medium for marketing their products.

Someone has said, for taking your business to the next level, your business must have an online app like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon does have their app and their business is on the Top.

By using react native for creating your apps, you can target both the audience (iOS, Android) at the same time. So in this way you can widen the audience reach for your product.

  1. Less Use of Memory – Memory saver

As React Native Cross-platform app development has allowed the 3rd party plugins, it is very easy for react native to provide faster response and smooth features in the app. Also, react-native consumes very small amounts of memory, in this way it acts as a memory saver.

  1. Flexible and User friendly – Cross-platform app development

React Native has Touchable native feedback, which allows it to be very flexible and user friendly for developers.



In this article, all you have known about features of react-native for your multi-platform development. There are 10 solid reasons to use React Native for your multi-platform development features like code reusability, compatible with 3rd party plugins, user-friendly, pocket friendly, pre-built components, etc. These features can help you to target more customers for your business. So if you create an app that does use React Native framework, it will save your time as well as money.


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