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The Best Ways to Build a Personal Brand with Content Marketing

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In this digital era, content marketing is gradually outperforming traditional marketing. People are also paying attention to personal brands as a way of communicating to the world about who they are.

The Internet has facilitated building online communities through content marketing based on value and trust. You can build a personal brand to get a dream job, grow your business and shape your career. Here are the best ways to build a personal brand with content marketing.

Regular blogging

The digital world can allow you to publish any content about yourself easily. By identifying relevant topics and blogging about them, you can position yourself and build a community. Whether you are looking for strategies for acing an interview or promoting your business online, blogging regularly is a great way to build a personal brand.

Blogging has been proven to be an effective way of content marketing. Many online consumers trust blogs for advice and information. Businesses that blog boost their conversions than those that don’t.

If you want to be effective in building a personal brand with blogging, choose topics you are familiar with and those that can interest your audience. Engage your readers directly and share personal stories and experiences. People are looking for valuable information that is entertaining, educative, and motivating.

Since logging takes a long time to yield results in terms of visibility and search engine optimization, publish regularly. Writing a few blog posts may not help you to build a personal brand. You may opt to publish blogs or use other platforms to increase your chances of visibility. Guest blogging on authority sites can also reinforce your brand’s authority and credibility.

Writing an e-book

One of the most effective means to build a personal brand is to write an e-book. Writing a book communicates to your audience that you know about a particular topic in your industry. It allows you to share personal insights, valuable information, and your own perspective and voice.

Book authorship commands great results in content marketing because people tend to pay attention and trust the contents of a book. When you publish a book, you boost your visibility, authority, and credibility as you help to grow your community.

Writing a book helps you to stand out as a person who is knowledgeable in a given topic. An e-book is a great marketing tool for building a personal brand as well as attracting leads and getting conversions.

Even if you feel like you don’t have writing expertise or time to write, you can explore some options. For instance, you can compile the most popular blog content into an e-book. If you are a good speaker, consider recording yourself talking into your Smartphone or computer and then outsource transcription, drafting, editing, and formatting the content.

Establishing social media presence

Today, billions of people globally are active on social media. The idea behind establishing social media presence to build a personal brand is to go where people are. Social media content is easy to share and therefore, your target audience may increase your recognition through media publicity.

When people share your content, they are essentially sharing your brand by acting as brand advocates. Social media channels are effective for branding because they allow users to share their opinions and comments. When audiences interact with your brand through social media, you can provide valuable feedback and build relationships.

Posting valuable content can enable you to drive quality leads, and subsequently, conversions. All you need to do is learn how to create engaging and valuable content while streamlining your content marketing. Publishing photos and posts of your everyday life may also help you achieve visibility as you promote your brand.

Guest posting and interviews

Guest posting is an excellent approach to create brand awareness. This may require you to identify sites related to your niche to find relevant results. Check the domain authority, rankings, content quality, and viewership before deciding the site you want to connect with.

Ensure that you go through the guest blogging guidelines of the site you are interested in. Read the existing blog posts on that site to understand the content type that is most relevant to their readers.

Guest blogging is ideal for building links, generating organic traffic and leads, and promoting your personal brand credibility. This is because Google’s most important ranking factors are the backlinks from other websites.

Follow and connect with influencers in your market niche. Interviewing them and publishing the conversation may also help to create brand awareness. Once you publish the content, get in touch with them to get a backlink.

Using video in your strategy

When you are online, your appearance matters a lot to your audience. Videos are an effective and quick way to build a personal brand because they can be easily accessible to the audience. You should focus on making your content appealing to capture the attention of your audience.

Since videos are quite engaging and personal, they create emotional connections faster than other kinds of content. Your voice, face, and personality can get more captivating and alive compared to text content such as blogging. A video is closely associated with face-to-face interaction and therefore is ideal for building relationships.

You don’t need to have a great following on social media or be a celebrity to record and publish a video. Video production can be expensive, but you don’t have to get technical or fancy with your content. You can use your Smartphone or any other device to record a live video.

People may prefer to see you unedited for transparency and authenticity reasons. You can create brand stories or create videos about your social responsibility involvement. Brand storytelling and promotional videos are popular types of video content among marketers.


Using content marketing is an effective way to build your personal brand. As you consider the above approaches to brand building, create great social media profiles because people tend to check profiles before reading content. As you promote your brand, you can increase leads and conversions and position yourself in the marketplace to secure a job or be influential in your community.

Author Bio:

Emily Harrinson works as a writer and editor for one of the big professional writing services in London. She has been with this agency since 2006 and has progressed amazingly in her role as an dissertation writing services and editor. Her hobbies are reading books, watching sports and music shows. Emily is a very positive person and spreads laughter wherever she goes.


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