May 29, 2024

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How To Make Your Own iPhone Ringtones

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Your mobile phone is your primary communication device most likely. Your phone can be customized to fit your unique style from the wallpapers to the ringtones. I have always been a huge fan of having my own tones for my own use. I rarely use the default tones that come on the phone, I find them to be so generic.

Ringtones can be used to help you assign and identify your contacts. You may have a favorite song that means something to a friend and another for your family members and so on. When they call you, the ringtone tells you instantly who is calling. On iOS you can also do the same for text messages, which is probably more useful as most people text more than a voice call.

The trick is how to get unique ringtones. One option is to buy them. The other is to use music files you already have and create your own. Another option is to get them from a ringtone site, the one I use the most is Zedge.

Here’s how you can do it easily.

You will need to have the iTunes app installed on a desktop to get the files on your phone. If you want to trim your files you can use the free app Audacity. This is recommended because you will want your audio files to be no longer than 30 seconds or your iPhone won’t let you use them if they are too long. For text alerts they should be 5 seconds or less.

Now that you have your mp3 you need to convert them to an iPhone ringtone file with an M4R extension. You can’t just rename the file.

The easiest and ad-free site I use is M4R Online Converter – The only downside is you can only convert one file at a time, but it takes seconds. You upload your MP3 file, it will convert it, then you download the M4R file. This is the file you will then upload into iTunes and sync to your phone.

After you get your M4R files, open iTunes.

Plugin your iPhone/iPad, allow iTunes to read the phone, and you will see the phone show up in iTunes. Select the phone and you will see a list of options on the left, one of them will be called ‘Tones”.

Open the folder where your M4R files are located and drag the files to Tones. Your iPhone/iPad will sync them to the device. That’s it.

If you want to delete a tone off your device you do this on the device not from iTunes. Go into your Sounds and simply swipe left and hit delete.

Now you can further customize your phone and assign unique and funny songs and text alerts for your contacts.

End of line.


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