May 22, 2024

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7 Social Media Activities You Can Do in Under 15 Minutes

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Social media continues to grow at a blistering pace, and it’s almost impossible to run any business organization these days without using social media. Social media gives many individuals and organizations the platform for presenting their business to their target audience to create potential customers out of them.

Creating social media content can be so simple and successful if you focus on efficiency and are organized. You should know that the priority is to create content that caters directly to the needs and challenges of the audience you’re reaching out to. You also need to create different varieties of content that keep your audience engaged. The question is, how do you create efficiency in a digital space that’s continually frenetic?

This article describes seven actions that you can take on social media and complete within just 15 minutes. This will ensure that your social media posts continue to get engagement all year long. With these, you’ll be building your social media content and profile to drive growth and traffic for your business.

  1. Create and maintain your content calendar

Posting content regularly on social media is vital for success. You can make your posting time specific to remove the need to post manually and frequently. You’re also able to optimize how much information you share every day. This ensures that your audience is never overloaded with updates from you.

To do this effectively, you first have to analyze the time that your audience is most often online. This information will help you choose what time is the best to post your content on social media. Then you can use scheduling software to create your posting schedule. It’ll be more effective if you use a scheduling tool with tags for different content categories to tag the content type you’re posting and create a more robust schedule. Be sure to review your posting schedule and content at the start of each month.

Also, learn to take advantage of holidays and other events so that you can post content that is relevant to your audience at the time. Lastly, analyze the performance of your posts and look out for trends and patterns with the time and days that you post and when it’s most effective.

  1. Engage your followers

According to various essay writing services, one of the best ways to remain relevant with your audience is to engage them regularly online. Your audience and potential clients most likely will comment on all of your posts, professing their love for you. People who don’t do this today will do it tomorrow and vice versa. You have to reciprocate the love to them by engaging with them. You could start with engaging with them under your comment section, replying to their comment, liking, and sharing them. Once you’re able to point out some of the most loyal ones to you, you should go ahead and engage their posts as well with likes, comments, and shares. You’ll be showing the human side to your brand, and it’ll draw them to you even more.

Note that commenting on their content may open you up to more audiences too.

  1. Use geotags and hashtags.

Most searches on social media are based on geotags and hashtags. If you’re looking for similar businesses to yours, you’ll likely find them through some of their previous hashtags. The use of geotags can also help you find a local business through social media. That’s how important these tags are, and you can use them the same way for people to find your business.

So, choose a hashtag that is ideal for your business and the audience you target, and use this hashtag on all of your posts. Also, make sure that each of your posts has geotags as well. This will ensure that people within your local community can find your content, and others can find you through social media.

  1. Draft your seasonal content

Some posts are specific for holidays, but you don’t have to wait till the holiday before creating them. Most times, the holidays creep in before you know, and you have to scamper for relevant content. You may have missed numerous opportunities to showcase yourself because you weren’t quick enough; that shouldn’t continue.

With scheduling tools, you can create content drafts and set reminders for when to use them. When the time is ripe, you’re able to take advantage.

  1. Upcycle evergreen content

You’ll have content that always remains relevant to your business and audience and give consistent values. This content should be upcycled.

You can do this with scheduling tools, setting the content to be posted at specific intervals. You can use this to advertise webinars and other events, etc. Rather than constantly use lab report writing service, you can also repurpose this evergreen content. It can be recycled as a quote, or you can ask questions about the blog post so that the topic is being discussed again, etc.

  1. Check your best-performing post on your page.

When you check your best-performing posts, it’ll show you the contents that are getting the most engagement from your audience. Apart from this, you can also get a good idea of the time of the day that’s most appropriate for you to post based on audience response. Check the insight on all of your posts, and you’ll understand your followers better, so you can grow your content reach and your business subsequently.

  1. Check that you’re promoting your business on the right platform.

Be sure that the social media platform that you’re posting on is the most appropriate platform for your business. For instance, if your business relates to visuals a lot, then it’ll be more effective to use platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, or even YouTube, rather than waste your time on text-based platforms where you’re less effective, getting little traffic, and not making enough revenue for your business.


There are many reasons you need to be active on social media, but you don’t have to spend hours on social media every day. You can achieve a lot in just 15 minutes on social media if you spend your time doing the right things. This article discusses seven things that you can do on social media within 15 minutes that will be beneficial to your business and brand.

Author Bio:

Jessica Chapman is a writing editor from Chicago. She works for Topbritishessays in the UK and is a regular contributor at dissertation writing services UK. She’s into sport and politics, enjoys traveling.



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