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5 Key Challenges and Their Solution for FinTech App Development

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All FinTech mobile applications utilize technology to develop the financial sector. The most advanced trend in FinTech application advancement is cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, which enable users to securely transfer money within a blockchain network.

As per the Market Screener, the world FinTech business will be meriting $26.5 trillion by 2022, expanding at a CAGR of 6%. The causes for this accelerated completion are global business growth, a developing requirement for loans and security, and growing interest in properties.

Approximately 90% of customers who maintain a smartphone are required to create digital cash in 2020. Such extensive entrance and fast approval put FinTech mobile apps on the frontlines for finance summits. FinTech brought $100 billion in loans as per Forbes.

But also with all its benefits, FinTech App Development isn’t precisely a stroll in the park. It’s gradually envelope by yielding, security and institutional challenges.

From a marketing viewpoint, you need to comprehend if the bonuses measure out the challenges, and how to defeat them with fintech solutions.

Although FinTech is adorned for success, authorities realize there are barriers to attaining its complete potential — for instance, security companies and government constraints.

So, here we are with some of the key challenges you might come across, we have listed down the challenges along with the solutions that will help you with the FinTech banking apps and other Financial Software Development.

Let’s dive in!

Top 5 Key Challenges and Solutions for FinTech App Development Project!

1. Understanding FinTech Mission, Vision, and Audience for your product

Every single app development campaign always starts at the same point – devising a market rift and distinguishing solutions, that you can execute within your application to fulfill it.

This is one of the issues that is quintessential to the overall development services of the project, but several people inspect its application on progressive platforms. If you are intending to add a peculiarity into your application– it can be any feature – your response requires it to be better for this FinTech challenge in the banking world, here is the Fintech Solution.


For this issue, fintech application development starts with classifying your area from fintech’s mighty-eight banking services:

  1. Finance
  2. Payment processing
  3. Mobile app wallets
  4. Finacial card issuing
  5. Banking security services
  6. Remittance
  7. Mobile banking
  8. Networking

After that research, your business, moderate growth statistics for a specific division to identify marketing potential. For example, the Financial Banking division has registered a large 100% marketing-driven increase while finance apps confer a somewhat graver 60% rise.

After deciding on your area, do your best to separate the circumstances that encourage its success. Distinguish which fintech aspects that improve growth and profit on them. Find ways of spreading your own business by practicing mobile app development in a SaaS program.

2. Finalizing Tech Stack Services

The next issue while developing fintech applications is deciding on a technology that can suggest the most suitable usability decisions for the mobile while maintaining development parts regulated.

The fintech technology regards the structure on which the application is created. This covers the database, the front, and backend, the server along with the Operating System. The top technology trends are the one that extends the most technical choices, and the problems for the customers is that they can’t find the best one and end up with something which might not be right for their financial state.


Compare Well-known Banking applications and technologies, make the list of their comparison in various aspects, those apps which are most used from Fintech App Development, to establish the most proper applications as per your requirements. Associate with their pros and cons to settling on one.

The next way is to limit cost and effort, where you need to identify if the fintech project’s pressures can be included in the given technology. For example, is it conceivable to develop an Android app within a few months and a limited budget? Well, it’s possible with the right data regarding the developing tech stack and methodologies for your project that will fit in your determined budget pack.

The following step for finding the right fintech technology services is to consult a system architect. Their primary job purpose is to represent the different elements to be practiced for an application. And for that a Fintech Software Development Company will be the best idea, with them you can gain access to an engineer who could assist you make the best choice.

3. Defining Right User Banking Experience

Designing the elements that’ll create the User Experience of the Apps for the most dependable usability criteria.

User Experience relates to the comfort of control, interactiveness, and interface configuration. It’s about wherewith the app will resemble and respond. UX can be composed in several ways, and picking the most fitting one is a challenge. Normally, it develops with time, but the pattern and structure have to be placed originally.


For it considers the target user, the right motivation for a fabulous UX attains from the user. The idea needs to indicate the user’s persona, determine the user’s difficulties and analyze the user’s performance models.

Then employ design thinking, which is an iterative method by which Fintech App Developers can enhance the experience. It includes a continuous cycle of generating designs, examining them, and getting feedback. It’s an extremely important exercise for a fabulous user experience and is recommendable while creating it for your Fintech App.

Next, hire a UX expert, their judgments determine the tech stack and the period of the project, therefore taking proficient data from a Fintech designer expert will be practical. Getting radical modifications to the UX following can convert costly, and time-consuming. Hence, choosing the perfect expert upfront is necessary.

4. Identifying Development Complexities in Apps

Documenting and analyzing the comments that the mobile app will contribute, with timelines.

The challenge is a mobile app can be created to determine 100 queries at one with low influence or 1 difficulty continuously with high force. Recognizing all problems you want to resolve will discover how complicated the app will display. Repeatedly, the complexities of the app requirement are supported with possible sources to develop the app.


The first step is to create SRS (Software Requirement Specification), which is practiced to set down the project’s range, deliverables, specialties, requests, and expectations. It’s a report that assists you to prepare your mobile app carefully and develop a roadmap for performance.

Managing expectations, as a business partner, you must understand that the mobile app will develop incrementally. It can’t answer all the business difficulties at once, and it must be calibrated with time.

Hence, start with several but significant pieces that adequately reveal the solution. Only perform the essence of the App in the beginning steps, and then proceed towards the external points.

Creating an MVP is a fabulous idea for swiftly constructing a Proof-of-Concept, and is immediately commercial. It’s an initial variant of the app that simply has the necessary features. Once the MVP claims in the common eye, extensions can be performed to it. It aids to maintain the complexities in a proposed and economical manner.

5. Complying App Development with Government Regulations

To secure the App technology and marketing strategy comply with government regulations.

Most governments possess Data Security and Fintech Laws in a position to preserve the end-user industry. Comprising a Fintech solution, these rules will continue to each perspective of the design, from technology to market model. Answering these guidelines and strongly including agreements in your app will assure of the projects.

There are sentences in case errors or mistakes are discovered in the App or the business encompassing it.


Any of the key sectors that require agreements to adhere are discussed here:

The Fintech compliances are controlled by the Government, Securities Exchange Board of Electronics and Data Technology. The sanction encompassing the acquiescences project can be located here.

A Mobile App technology is a consultant who would support you drive the assents and satisfy them without transgression. Fintech is an especially risky area, and transmitting significant materials to the guidance of specialists is recommendable.

Final Thoughts

Although conventional banking is still reluctant to embrace new technologies, we understand that with experience, mobile technologies will grow even more popular in the financial division, as they’re valuable and available for successes while encouraging banks and other businesses to work more efficiently.

Though, with challenges to defeat in the FinTech industry. Management and the absence of security from the government are disputing for FinTech companies, and to obstruct the financial sector, one needs to maintain a healthy equilibrium between modern technologies and compliance with the established system.

It’s essential to regularly implement security, verify your software for weakness, and modernize it. Although also put users in your subconscious, providing them with the most enjoyable experience out there.


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