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The complete guide on how to get Remote work in 2021

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Surviving and going through the times of Covid-19 has not at all been easy for any of us. Standing at this position, the recruitment industry has also been subjected to a grave crisis. In-person recruitment, at least, has been totally barred due to the ongoing pandemic situation. But, it might not be very difficult for you to find a remote job if only you know how and where to look for one. Although, finding a remote job and landing on it successfully are two completely different things. Following a few rules and sticking to them are the keys to your success in this particular case. In fact, this quest for remote jobs varies from person to person, so you have to keep in mind that there is no ultimate guide until and unless you introspect your own field of interest and expertise. We are here to help you find suitable remote works that match both your proficiency and expectations.

Work hours that suit you best

Before you make up your mind to apply for remote works, first things first, you need to figure out how you are going to filter out the suitable ones. The first parameter towards finding the perfect remote job is the work hours. People have their own way of working; while some prefer to work all day long and have a good night’s sleep, others may work best at night. So it depends on you to find a job that lets you work when you are comfortable. Surely, you do not want to end up in a job that makes you work on hours when your brain is preoccupied with some other chores. Looking through the job description before applying is a good way of cutting out the unsuitable ones.

How much time you can dedicate

Just because you are opting for a remote job does not mean that you do not have to be regular and punctual on your working time. So before you start applying, always determine how much time you are willing to dedicate to the job. There are jobs out there that let you choose your work timing as per your convenience, but as an employee, you also have to make sure to make time for the job. Playing with your pets while enjoying a cup of coffee sounds very tempting, but make sure to squeeze out 3 to 4 hours every day for your remote job. Go through the requirements of that position you’re applying for, and ensure that you can dedicate the amount of time they need you to. Remember one thing, there is no one to supervise you from time to time as you are working remotely, so take this responsibility yourself to stay motivated.

Keep your resume and portfolio updated

It is very important for you to keep updating your resume from time to time. The jobs that you apply for would get back to you only if you are able to impress them with your resume. So make sure to take enough time to dust off the build your resume and keep it updated. Do not forget to point out your strengths and present them in a way that catches the immediate attention of the employer. A little tip here is to customize your resume as you apply for different jobs. Say, if you are applying for a job that needs an employee who has a stronghold on the language, then you should reorganize your skills in the resume and bring your language efficiency as the first point on your skill list. This way, you would be able to make the employer consider you as a worthy candidate rather than the person who put his language efficiency on the bottom of the list. Also, make a list of the tools that you know how to use, for example, MS-Office, Slack, Gmail, Zoom, etc.

 A spontaneous Cover Letter

You must know how important it is to build a good impression on the employer with your personality. The whole point of conducting interviews is to assess whether a candidate has what it takes to be a worthy employee or not. But to reach the point of scoring an interview with the recruiter, you must work smart to leave an impression on his/her mind. A cover letter does this job of speaking on behalf of you. It prepares the ground for your candidature being considered as worthy. So you must invest a bit of time to build your cover letter in a way so that it speaks with the recruiter before you do in the interview.

Stay in touch with the employer

Once you have applied for the jobs, you would start getting their responses gradually. At this point, make sure to be in touch with them. If you have changed your mind about working with any of the employers, be professional about it and come up clean with them. It would reflect your professional side more brightly. Be upfront about your expectations from the job and your dedication as well. The key point here is to stay interactive and communicative. Keep checking if there is any response from the other side and act accordingly. It always increases your chances of getting hired if you are cooperative and open to discussions regarding your application in a company.

Stick to the jobs that match your skills

Professional world is not space that encourages you to experiment with your job positions, and neither do we. Trying to acquire new skills is always an option warmly welcomed, nothing compares to enhancing your skill sets. But while you apply for a remote job, make sure to stick to the skills you already have. We do not recommend applying for jobs that require more skills than you have. Efficiency is a vital part of the professional world, and it comes with practice. So you should apply for those positions only which require the skills you already have. Not only it helps you gain credibility in your job, but also allows you to boost employer-employee relationships.


If you are looking for a remote job, then we advise you to not overlook the responsibilities the job position requires you to perform. Landing a remote job is not very different from landing a full-time work from an office job. But people tend to take remote jobs and their responsibilities lightly, therefore, their casual attitude is to be blamed for not getting hired for a remote position. If you consider a remote job as serious as a work from an office job, then there is no way you would not find one easily. Just remember to be professional in your approach, do not get carried away by the thought that remote jobs do not require dedication, and you are good to get hired!

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