May 27, 2024

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COVID-19 Social Media Trends to Help You Learn Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has changed the way people do business. Working from home has been the norm and this has made businesses and customers switch to social media activities.

Proper management of social media is important because it can allow you to reach customers easily, no matter their location or digital devices. Some social media trends have been triggered by the pandemic and they can help you to adjust your social media marketing strategy.

Virtual reality

Amid the lockdowns and restrictions, people are looking for ways to interact virtually. Virtual reality is a current technological trend that can give people their desired interactions. This is the time you need to devote to social media as you endeavor to meet peoples’ online expectations.

Interacting with customers virtually creates a sense of togetherness and it assures them of the existence of your business. The virtual reality trend is expected to continue gaining popularity on social media during this global crisis and beyond.

A marketing assignment help states that marketers believe that leveraging this technology can significantly revolutionize the customer experience on social media. Customers are more likely to engage with brands that adopt virtual reality.

COVID-19 should not restrict you from introducing new products in the market. VR is an excellent technology to demonstrate the attributes, functionalities, and features of a new product. Recently, Mercedes used a virtual drive that incorporates VR to show its latest model.

As mentioned on a popular cheap dissertation writing service, hosting business events and creating brand experiences is a good way to boost your social media presence and keep the customers engaged. When participating in a virtual event, consumers take photos and share them to promote your brand on their social media pages, thereby acting as the brand ambassadors.

Live streaming

The COVID-19 pandemic made many businesses go digital to remain connected and minimize the spread of the disease. Physical meetings were turned into video conferences and concerts turned into live streams aired from homes.

You can adjust your marketing strategy by focusing on live streams through various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. People are adapting to this trend as they interact with brands without leaving their homes. Live streaming may continue to become popular and therefore, it should form part of your social media marketing strategy.

Live streaming has a future due to:

  • Access to smartphones. More and more people are having access to smartphones and this means that they have the means to watch live streams.
  • Large audience. With diverse live streaming ideas, brands can reach out to a large number of audiences easily.
  • New opportunities. There are different ways of reaching out to customers regardless of the nature of your business and the market niche.

Social commerce

UK essay help mentions that the social media industry is constantly adapting to promote user experiences. More tools and features are emerging to support customers in online shopping. For instance, Instagram allows customers to add product tags and check out while still on the platform.

Facebook has the features to allow you to set up a virtual shop to let customers browse and make online purchases. Social commerce is expected to continue to grow because shoppers are likely to continue with online shopping habits as they adapt to the COVID-19 environment.

Through social media, you can learn more about your potential customers even before they convert. What you need to do is to target your messages to the audience to gain control over the advertising cost and build your brand image. Social media can allow you to look at some analytics and video insights to know who is connecting with your content.

Social media encourages people to open up and give honest opinions about their experiences with your brand. Regardless of the social media platforms preferred by your clients, having access to useful information lets you redefine your branding strategies.

Augmented reality (AR)

The recent live events in organizations have accelerated the use of AR. AR requires a smartphone and therefore, it is more accessible than VR. AR experiences are interactive and therefore effective for engagements. Brands are appreciating the importance of this technology to encourage interaction with their customers and promote new products.

You can keep your audience entertained and engaged and even attract new customers. AR features shopping options to allow customers to “try” products via a camera. The customers can envision the products at home and continue buying without leaving the platform.

Implement AR creatively into your social media marketing strategy to help your brand stand out. AR should be part of your marketing strategy because it is personal and mobile and therefore largely accessible to many smartphone users. If well-implemented, it can convey brand innovation.

Transparency and authenticity

Since consumers want real brands, maintaining transparency and authenticity about your operations and products is inevitable. If you want to build trust with people, be honest with them. A great way to ensure transparency and authenticity is by using social media.

Engagement with the audience and transparency play a great role in making a brand stand out as the best. If you wring your customers, admit it through a social media message. Allow the customers to reach out to you freely in case of any disappointments or problems.

Instead of ignoring negative comments on social media, address them openly and show them that you are concerned about them. Today, audiences are social-savvy and they are looking for authenticity and transparency in a brand.

Being authentic and transparent on social media is the starting point if you want to bridge the gap between consumers and brands.

By assessing what your brand stands for, you can generate ideas to demonstrate the mission and core values through social media campaigns.


Social media marketing is an effective way of reaching out to customers and engaging with them to provide exceptional experiences.

The above trends can help you to make social media marketing adjustments to enable your business to excel during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out what you need to prioritize and put the trends into perspective as you seek social media presence and long-term growth.

Author Bio:

Emily Harrinson works or a big company in London since 2006 and is one of the star performers there. She is a full-time writer and editor and besides her main work, she also works as an academic essay writer and helps students with their custom essay papers. She is a positive person and enjoys sports and reading books in her free time.







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