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Top 5 Useful Apps Which Will Help To Maintain Your Social Pages

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Over the years, the rise of social media means that it has grown to become an important tool that small businesses use to promote their brands and connect with prospects and customers. There are many uses of social media to drive website traffic, find customers, and ensure communication with customers. However, managing different social media platforms with their consumer apps can be very difficult. To run your social pages properly as a brand, you must use the right tools.

You can use several tools for your social media account to help analyze, automate, and control your social accounts even better. This will allow you to focus on creating good content. While many apps can help you maintain your social accounts, this article discusses five of the best.


Hootsuite provides you with all the solutions to maintaining and managing your social accounts. This apps works with more than 35 social media platforms, including the most popular ones such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

This app has a scheduler to create post queues and post whenever you choose. The AutoSchedule feature allows you to schedule your content to be published at an optimal time for engagement. Preparing your updates and uploading the CSV file will enable you to create queues for weeks and months or the duration of a social media marketing campaign.

Hootsuite also provides good analytics for users that pay for access to the entire suite. This tool allows you to understand social results, measuring performance from over 200 metrics. You can generate reports that you can export as PowerPoint, Excel, CSV, and PDF files that you can use in your organization to measure individual and team performance. This app also allows you to monitor social media for hashtags, mentions, engagements, etc. You can also construct streams precisely to exclude or include specific keywords, languages, locations, post types, etc.

Buffer Publish 

This is a top-rated and long-running social media tool created primarily to schedule posts. It also works with multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. If you are using the free service, you can connect three social media accounts, including Facebook groups and pages.

Once you connect your first social media account, this app creates the first schedule for you. The default setting by buffer is four slots every day: morning, noon, late afternoon, and evening depending on your time zone. However, you can change this anytime under Settings and Posting Schedule. You could add more slots or even disable posting for particular days. The number of slots that you create determines the number of updates that you schedule. The good thing is, it is easy to schedule updates with the intuitive dashboard, browser extensions, and mobile apps that this tool offers.

According to an assignment help website, this tool also provides limited insights into your posts’ performance (except for free users). It allows you to see your post impressions, the number of link clicks, overall reach, shares, comments, etc. This is an extra feature for users. For significantly deeper analytics, you need to get the Buffer Analyze tool.

Zoho social

This is another complete tool for managing your social media pages. It can be used for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business, and LinkedIn. It is a scheduling tool that can create queues automatically, line the content, and post it on different social media platforms.

This tool also has team features that set it apart from other tools. It has a standard plan for $15 per month with two team members. You can also add extra team members for $10 per month per person. So you employees can easily manage your social accounts without giving your most important passwords out.

This tool also allows you to limit your team members to different networks and assign different roles to them after inviting them. You also have the “Collaborate” tab and built-in messenger system, so you don’t have to handle ideas in Slack or over emails. You can manage, plan, discuss, and do everything in Zoho Social.


This is a scheduling app for social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. However, unlike the other tools mentioned before, it is meant for posting visual content alone. One advantage that it has over other scheduling tools is that it has a forever-free plan which is good enough for many small businesses.

This app counts an Instagram account, a Pinterest account, a Twitter account, and a Facebook page as one social set. Users using the free plan can access a social set and have 30 scheduled posts for each social profile. Although it is effective for Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, the best usage of this tool is on Instagram.

If you’re using the paid plan, you are able to collect media from your Instagram Business account and add it to your stock photos library. You can do this by pulling the content from mentions, tags, and hashtags. Invited contributors can also upload their photos.

This is an effective tool for visual content, and the paid plans give you more options to post. Apart from images, you can post stories, videos, and multiple photos. While it is not a scheduling app, it has a tab for Conversations and Analytics that keeps you on top of mentions and messages and lets you see how well your post is doing.


There are very few tools that help you manage your Instagram account as well as Iconosquare. This app is aimed primarily at Facebook pages and Instagram business accounts but can also be used for Twitter. This tool monitors, publishes, and analyzes visual content from social platforms. It has a responsive, intuitive, and modern dashboard that makes it easy to use. The bold typography, clean white background, and pop-out menu on the left make navigation simple. This app can schedule posts for Facebook and Instagram, including video posts, story updates, and carousels.


It is hard to say which of these social media tools is more appropriate for you, but there are inevitably lots of tools that you can use to manage your social media account. The tools mentioned in this article are a few of those. You can try out the free versions of many of these tools before making a decision.

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