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The latest marketing trends so they can apply the latest innovations

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Digital marketing is undoubtedly the technological spinoff of traditional marketing. It is an evolution of traditional marketing, which the growth of technology heavily influences. As a mix of technology and marketing, digital marketing will continue to change due to the unstoppable continued growth of technology. Expert digital marketers are always on the lookout for marketing trends that would not only help their business survive these heavily competitive markets but let them play for a larger share of the market demands.

Ordinarily, a post like this would be great if it came out earlier in 2021, but after a few months, what would have been wild predictions have been pretty much confirmed. Even if the post had come earlier, you would still have continued your recurring search for new digital marketing trends as an expert digital marketer. This you would do so that you can tap into them and scout new opportunities. In addition, these trends would help you as you can apply them to the latest technological innovations for optimal results.  So, you can see that this is the perfect time for you to go over your existing strategies and improve them. Your competitors are.

Normally, there is a side you could be skeptical about, but remember, there was a time when AI, big data marketing, and voice search engine optimization were a fantasy. Today these trends have continued to dominate the digital marketing landscape as we adapted to those trends. So will we adapt to these new ones? Remember, consumers nowadays are volatile.  It is through continued research and evolution that you can keep up with them.

Thus, we must learn these digital marketing trends that would allow you to complete and apply them to innovations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI will continue to make inroads in almost every sphere of our lives, and if you don’t believe us, perhaps this Harvard Business Review would convince you. AI would continue to affect the way we conduct business. Already, it has influenced the operations of many industries. AI is now performing some jobs. For instance, some big businesses now use an AI-led crime patrolling vehicle to patrol their outdoors and parking areas to prevent crime. These vehicles not only prevent crime but also uses the predictive capabilities of AI to predict it. The robots can scan license plates, collect data and transmit suspicious activity for security operatives to act on.

From the above, you can get a glimpse that the potential of AI in digital marketing is boundless. AI in digital marketing allows you to predict consumer behavior by analyzing consumer behavior. The AI gets the data by compiling and analyzing consumer search pattern and their social media posts. Thus, the elusive consumer behavior is then understood.

AI can also help with customer care with the use of chatbots. The chatbots help the consumer with information by interacting with the consumers. On Facebook, MasterCard developed a messenger that helps communicate with their customers to determine what they want and helps automate payment handling. Chatbots help personalize the interaction, and it makes the interaction more conversational than a series of requests. So, chatbots can help you fill the void of trust, which usually comes with virtual interactions, improving the experience a user has with you drastically.

AI also helps with product recommendations. AI understands what the consumer wants, and it brings for them without necessarily searching for them. Other things the AI can do in digital marketing is;

AI also assisted digital marketing through content creation. The AI helps you get exactly what you need to generate consumer interest in your content. Instead of playing at guesses to know what the consumer wants, the AI predicts it from their behavior.

The AI also assists with email personalization and E-commerce transactions.

Personalized Marketing

No matter the kind of product you are selling, if you don’t convince a consumer that they are more than financial sources for you, it is unlikely you’ll make any sales. You might have what your customer wants, but it would fail if you don’t make your customer feel like an integral part of your business. To make your customer feel like a part of your business, you have to personalize your content. Customers do not want generic advertisements. They want a company that sees them as individuals, not just a herd that produces money for them.

Imagine you want to sell a self-driving car. You don’t just continue assuming your prospective customer wants it. You have to make them find the concept of owning that type of car appealing to them by having a personalized advertisement or content that will resonate with them. Netflix does it with its recommended movies and Amazon with its recommended products. They recommend the type of things customers want and let the customer feel like they care.

The Harnessing of Micro-moments

Micro-moments can be described as the intention of customers to know something, need something, and buy something. A micro-moment is the time that customer decides to do something on the intent with immediate effect. For instance, a customer who wants to buy something is said to be in a micro-moment, and such a brand would happily patronize a brand that offers exactly what they need at the moment.

So, as a digital marketer, you have to be on the prowl to know when customers would have their micro-moment. You have to pay extra care to customers now as the internet has made it possible to fulfill their desires without much delay. This has made the customer behavior problematic to predict. So, you can either pay extra care or deploy an AI which could help you out with its predictive features.

Rise of Social Media Stories.

Social media stories are a relatively modern feature of the major social media apps. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube with its Reels, Twitter with its fleets, etc. Due to the temporary nature of the stories, digital marketers can use them to drive excitement and create a feeling of fear of missing out among consumers.

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