May 29, 2024

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How to Keep Your Cloud Data Safe From Spies

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Well, now we don’t need to carry a thumb drive or portable hard disk anywhere because the Cloud services here can be the best storage place today. Google Drive for Dropbox becomes a cloud solution for storing your data online and available to you with easy access to them at any home and time where internet connection is available.

It looks efficient, of course, but you will feel anxious about such sensitive data or information when you upload any data you have.

Every company must have sensitive data that they keep from leaking out. Using the Cloud to store data may increase the risk of stolen data, but not using the Cloud is not an option. Using cloud services can make it easier for you and your workers to access data.

Keeping the data you store safely is an excellent idea to make sure you do these things.

Use additional protection

One way to protect yourself better is by using a VPN when you’re going to enter the Internet. Though there are choices of cheap and expensive VPNs, always pick the later ones.

The function is not only limited to protect you. By using a VPN, you’ll be granted access you previously hadn’t. For example, you can switch countries on Netflix and make the best use of the VPN.

Local data backup

The No.1 rule for managing data is always to have a backup for your data. In general, it is an excellent practice to make electronic copies of your data so you can still have an access to them even when the original data is lost and destroyed. There are many service regarding of cloud storage nowadays, which means you can set up multiple cloud accounts for backup purposes.

If you’re saving your data in the Cloud, you should always manually backup your data on external storage, like HDD for example. It allows you to gain the data when you lost an internet connection.

Avoid Storing Sensitive Information

Strongly doubt there is such a thing as absolute privacy on the Internet; we wouldn’t trust storing personal files on the Cloud. You should always remember that identity theft is a thing, and surely you don’t want to be caught in it. Hear this, don’t ever share your personal and vital information on the internet, or in this case, Cloud 24/7.

Our advice here is to keep the important files only and avoid putting documents containing your passwords for personal online accounts or other personal information. Make sure that you always contain everything about your personal self privately, and never share even a tiny bit of your personal information on the Cloud.

If you do want to include the data, be sure to encrypt them before you proceed to upload.

Better to Have Cloud Service that Can Encrypt Data

One of the simplest way you can try is using cloud storage service that also offers encryption service for your stored data. Even when you need to add another budget, it adds another protective layer that you always need. However, this way takes another step for decryption before accessing the data.

However, this is known as zero-knowledge proof in cryptography. With this method around, your data can be more protected even from your administrators and providers. While keeping the data safe and secure within the encryption, it would be much better if the encryption process also ensured during upload and download processes.

With added steps of protection by encrypting and decrypting your data, while it takes a little bit of time, it can provide a better protection. This method is only applicable if you want your data for you and yourself alone. When used for many people, it can be annoying pretty quickly.

Use a Strong Password / Apply Two-Step Verification

To be more protected against the harm of cracking and hacking attempts, you need to make sure that your passwords can ward them off. To make a good password, you can either be creative or following the steps on the Internet. Always change it frequently, and make sure to input unique symbols to make it more unique.

You can also adopt the two-step verification for Google accounts, which is much more doable. Use this system every time you log in into your account, especially for the Cloud service. Some codes will be sent to your phone to add a thicker wall of security. While the process seems to be annoying, it’s actually quite simple to do. You just need to input the codes, and you’re done to go.

Create a data backup schedule

If you want to store data in the Cloud to access it more quickly, you should also make data backups to make sure your data is stored elsewhere. You can create a regular schedule to backup data.


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