May 29, 2024

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How can business accounts use the newly launched Twitter Moments?

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If you’ve got a Twitter business account and you tweet regularly on trending topics, that’s great for a start. However, chances are you might be missing out on making the most of Twitter Moments.

Twitter moments allow you to create a longer form of content that goes beyond a simple tweet. This enables businesses/brands to connect with their consumers like never before. Let us discover how business accounts can effectively use Twitter Moments.

Different ways with which business accounts can use Twitter moments-

Promote events and create hype: Twitter moments is the perfect way to generate hype amongst viewers for an upcoming event. You can also promote the event live from the venue as it spikes the engagement on your Twitter business account. You can encourage the audience at the event to tweet using a particular hashtag so that you can add it to your moments to further boost your account.

Product launches: At the launch of a product you can smartly use Twitter moments to curate a series of revelations or specifications about the product one at a time. This will make the launch special as users will be able to know everything about the product via Twitter moments that will be dedicated to the launch. It also helps your overall brand as it’s easier for users to see a collection of events that are related to the product launch.

Product demos: If your product needs a demonstration of its functionality then you can create Twitter moments around demo videos. Demo videos are great for a brand as it adds value to your Twitter business account as consumers often want to know how a product functions under certain conditions. Sometimes Demo videos also answer the frequently asked questions quite effortlessly regarding a product. You can create fancy videos for your product demo videos using a quality video editor that enables you to apply transitions that uplift your brand.

Influencer marketing: The internet is ruled by influencers and it’s no different when it comes to creating new Twitter trends. Influencers have the capability to create trends all over a platform and this is where Influencer marketing steps in. You can use an influencer’s reach to feature or put up a tweet related to your brand in order to add it to your Twitter moments.

Behind the scenes: Using Twitter moments to take the consumers behind the scenes makes them a part of your family, this creates an emotional bond that brings your consumers closer to your brand. In a behind-the-scenes video, you can highlight the process of production and showcase company culture emphasizing employees, overall infrastructure, and day-to-day work. It makes the brand appear to be transparent and this builds trust amongst the viewers.

Resurfacing tweets and videos: Moment lets you resurface tweets that were posted in the past. You can look out for repeating trends and if you find an old tweet that is relevant to the trend today then Moments can bring back the attention to the old tweet.

How to create a Twitter Moment?

When you’re on your desktop you need to access the Moments tab from your profile page, once you’re on the Moments tab click on Create New Moment. Add a Title and a description for your Moment.

After this, you’ll want to choose tweets that you want to add to your Moment and there are four ways to choose tweets. You could select the content you want to add from Tweets I’ve liked, Tweets by account, Tweet link, and Tweet search prompts. To add a tweet to your Moment you need to click on the checkmark icon ✓.

To set the cover of your Moment you could either choose one from the selected tweets or upload a media file from your device. We suggest you create a video that suits your brand using a video editor that meets your creative needs.

Once you have all the tweets in place you click on the up or down arrow to rearrange the tweets or click on the cross to delete a tweet from your Moment. You can also choose to crop a tweet according to mobile viewing. Click on Finish later to save it as a draft or take your Moment live by clicking on the Publish button.

Your Twitter Moment will boost your business and presence on Twitter.

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