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7 Tips for Writing Awesome Blog Posts

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Website traffic is the lifeblood of any online business, or blog. Without website visitors, there would be no one to see your work (unless you’re one of those crazy people who physically prints everything out and leaves it on a bus seat). How do you get more site visits? Write really awesome blog posts and articles.

You probably already do this because you’re reading this article right now. But if not, here are some tips we’ve learned from our many years of writing web content here at Binary Blogger.

I.          Write about Topics That Readers are Interested In

If your readers aren’t interested in what you have to say, they’re not going to give you the time of day. If they don’t like what you’re writing about, it doesn’t matter how well you write or how many grammar goofs you burst, no one is going to hang around and read your post. There are several ways you can find out the topics your readers are interested in or searching for online:

What keywords are people using to find your blog posts? Use the search engine that you use for your own blog, and see how many times users have searched for a certain keyword. A handy tool you can use to determine what terms readers used in order to get to your website or any of the other sites you manage is Google Analytics.

It helps you track important metrics like acquisition, conversion, sessions, and audience which you can use to make your blog posts better. For example, it can help you discover if your audience is looking for information on “how to make handmade paper”. With this information, you should know that this is something your audience will be interested in and then create a post about it.

II.          Ask Readers Questions (And Listen)

When you ask readers questions through your writing whether it’s in the form of a blog post or article, you’re forcing them to think about your topic. When people engage in conversations with others, either in person or on social media, they tend to enjoy it more than if someone rambles at them for an extended period of time.

Let’s say you create an awesome blog post and ask readers a question like “What recipe do you want me to write next?” Then let’s say there were only two responses: one from someone wanting to bake chocolate chip cookies using fresh ingredients and another from someone who really wants a new twist on chicken wings. If this is what happened, you should offer some sort of prize to the winner. It could be a signed copy of your book, or merch, or just invite them into your own home for dinner so that they can personally cook whatever it is they wanted you to write about.

III.          Include Pictures and Graphics in Your Posts

People like looking at pictures because they are fun to look at and more appealing than mere text. Studies have also shown that people have sharper memories of visual content. The number one way to draw readers in immediately is by including an image or two with captions on each side.

This grabs their attention right away and makes them want to read more stuff without having to scroll down through an extended list of words (unless it’s a long blog post where the images serve as sub-headings). If you’re not sure if you want to include an image, see if it provides relevant and accurate information.

IV.          Interact with Your Readers

You don’t just run a blog or a website for the sake of it. You always have to remember that there are readers out there who visit your site each day (or regularly) in order to get updates on what’s happening in the world of what you’re interested in writing about. They enjoy reading your posts because it gives them some sort of insight into something they didn’t know before.

That is why whenever someone comments on one of your posts; you should involve yourself by interacting with him/her throughout the conversation via private message. This will help create a sense of community among all the readers, and they will appreciate it. It’ll also help you out by having new friends on the Internet who love to talk about the same things that you do!

It is also understandable if you’re just blogging on the side and have a few commitments on the side that make interacting with your readers a problem. A typical scenario here is if you’re still in college. Your best bet, in this case, would be to either hire a VA (if you have the finances) or hire a research paper writing service online to help with your papers so you can focus on building your audience.

 V.          Use Video Instead of Images When Possible

If you want to take your blog posts and articles up a notch, then try using video instead of an image or graphic in order to tell your story! Since people are more inclined to watch videos nowadays than reading old-fashioned text, why not take advantage of this? Not only is it helpful in creating a sense of community among your readers but it’s helpful for them too because they get to see exactly what you mean when you’re describing how something is made or cooked. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we all learn better through visual and audible means!

VI.          Keep Your Readers Engaged with Good Content

The worst thing you can do to your readers is simply post an article that doesn’t contain any useful information or an image that does nothing but cover up what you’re trying to say. It’s amazing how a picture of a cartoon lion can be so powerful (as in our logo) yet some people still don’t know what they should associate it with when looking at it for the first time.

Therefore, it is recommendable that you avoid the fluff and provide only valuable content. You can also increase the engagement on your website by using informational images instead of any image you bump into on the internet.

VII.          Write About Topics That You Have Knowledge Of

There’s no point in writing articles that you yourself are not interested in or have absolutely no knowledge about. If your readers can tell that you don’t know what you’re talking about, then they’ll leave and most likely never come back! If you write blog posts consistently (at least once a week is recommended) with quality content, then people will be willing to support even more of your work by buying your book(s), using your recipes or whatever else it is that they like about you!

The Bottom Line

If you treat your blog or website as a business and put out quality work on the regular, then people will support it! So instead of just filling your website with pieces of text, take time to figure out what your target audience will appreciate. You can then create your blogging strategy from there.

Author Bio

Thomas Jackson is a professional freelance academic content writer offering cheap dissertation writing services. He also participates in several activities organized by writing clubs in New York. Other than the assignment writing service, Thomas also writes songs, something he has enjoyed since he was a child. He is inspired by live performances he does in front of family members and close friends.

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