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The 6 Coolest Smart Home Technologies to Watch in 2021

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Smart home devices have become quite popular, especially among enthusiasts. The ability to control various aspects of your home with just voice commands or a phone app will only grow more prominent in the coming years.

Smart home systems are devices that can connect to the Internet. Apart from smartphones and computers, smart devices include everything else like cooking utensils, appliances, water heaters, window blinds, windows, cameras, doorbells, lights, speakers, clocks, and many others. In a world full of emerging technology, these products may seem like space junk or something that is replaceable and becomes annoying at some point.

However, all these devices can easily connect to the Internet and take your commands, as well as communicate with you. Even though you may replace them at some point, they are handy and cool. This is also known as smart home automation — it’s the ability to control items and things in your home with a voice command or a push of a button.

1. Amazon Echo – Best Smart Home Speaker

The fourth-gen Amazon Echo is an impressive and new smart home technology. Apart from the unique sphere-like shape, this speaker is also fitted with some new features and powerful sound output. While Google’s Nest Audio speaker is a solid competitor, the Echo wins in two main categories.

The first point is that the speaker is far more powerful. The bass is quite impressive, and the speaker is fitted with an in-built Zigbee receiver. Additionally, the Amazon Sidewalk Hub can seamlessly connect with other smart devices like locks and light bulbs.

The smart assistant, Alexa, is almost on par with Google Assistant. Both assistants are fitted with various skills and support for third-party devices that you can access with the help of the voice assistant.

2. Google Nest WiFi – Best Mesh Router

In today’s world, WiFi is everything, primarily if you use smart home products like smart plugs, smart lights, smart speakers, etc. After all, these devices will not do anything if they cannot connect to the Internet.

This is the reason you need a mesh router that can help you spread strong Internet connectivity throughout your home, especially if your home is enormous. The Nest WiFi is considered the best choice in this aspect. This device can quickly fill an area of 5,800 square feet of space with decent signal strength.

The device is also fitted with a range extender that doubles as a speaker. You will be able to spread reliable connections from one room to another. The Nest WiFi is easy to set up and fitted with features like 4×4 MU-MIMO, WPA3 Security, and device prioritization.

3. TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug – Best Smart Plug

Most people who are new to the world of smart homes first try smart plugs. These devices are easy to install, cheap, can be understood and used efficiently, and can be toggled off and on remotely.

While there are several smart plugs in the market today, the TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug is considered the best smart home system. The plug consists of a single outlet that can connect to your WiFi device. The app has an excellent design and will allow you to toggle the device on or off, even if you are in a different location.

The smart plug will work with Alexa and Google Assistant. Additionally, the device has been shaped so that it will not cover up the adjacent outlets on a standard two-outlet wall fixture.

4. Philips Hue White LED – Best Smart Light Bulbs

If you are looking for the best smart light bulb, then the Philips Hue White LED is considered the best choice; there are various reasons behind this. The company manufactures a wide range of lights like floodlights, A19 bulbs, fixtures, light strips, etc. With the help of these devices, you can improve the lighting scheme of your home. Additionally, these devices are supported by the voice assistants of Apple, Google, and Amazon.

The Hue line consists of color-changing bulbs. You get a set of two bulbs and the Hue hub — or you could opt for the Bluetooth versions of the bulb. All you need to do is download the app. From here, you can easily control various aspects of the bulb, like changing the brightness, the color, etc. You can also set timers so that the bulb will switch on and off automatically.

5. EcobeeSmartThermostat – Best Smart Thermostat

The EcobeeSmartThermostat is a great WiFi-based thermostat that allows you to control the air conditioning and heating system of your home using your voice or with an app. This thermostat includes a temperature sensor in the box with the thermostat.

The device will read the ambient temperature of your room and will adjust it accordingly. If you want to change the temperature based on the condition of the other room, you can do so with the help of the remote sensor. This is quite a unique feature and very useful if the thermostat is not located in a central location.

Another exciting aspect about this smart thermostat is that it is an Amazon Echo Speaker. You can play music on this device as well as provide voice commands to change the temperature.

6. Wyze Cam v3 – Best Home Security Camera

If you are looking for an affordable security camera that can be used indoors and outdoors, then the Wyze Cam v3 is a great choice. It does not cost more than $20, which is excellent value for your money. This camera provides 14-day cloud storage; additionally, there is also an in-built card slot.

Apart from the basic security camera features, this security camera also includes two-way talk, night vision, and HD live streaming. It also has support for Google Assistant and Alexa voice control.

Final Thoughts on Smart Home Tech

As you can see from the above, these smart home gadgets can easily connect to the Internet and can be controlled by your voice or a touch of a button. These devices will make your lives much better and more accessible. Apart from these, there are many other types of smart home ideas and gadgets. Smart home automation is the future. Alternatively, these devices also make great gifts for family members and friends who are into tech but cannot device what to buy.

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Emily Moore is an English & programming teacher with a passion for space and blogging. She believes that current exploration should be focused on preserving our planet’s resources. With satellites circling the orbit, it is easier to get relevant data on any environmental changes. This, in turn, should help people quickly address any challenges.

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