May 27, 2024

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Protecting Your Company’s Digital Footprint

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Nearly 90% of businesses say they already have a digital-first business strategy in place. Digital transformation, although a must for business growth, nevertheless allows more room for cybersecurity risks. By working to protect your company’s digital footprint (aka the digital trail your business leaves behind on the web and social media), you can better minimize risk and keep your business safe and secure

Assessing your digital footprint

Are you aware of and okay with all information about your business that’s freely available online for the whole world to see? Start by looking at your business social media profiles and website, along with any other content you’ve ever posted online, to make sure it’s correct and portrays your business well. It’s just as important to assess any comments posted by customers, clients, or employees about your business. Basic internet searches and free tools like Google News Alerts and Twitter search can help you find what people are saying about your business, products, and services. If you come across any information that comprises security, you can take steps to remove it. 

Archiving your digital footprint

Correctly archiving your digital footprint is a valuable step that provides protection for your business. For example, a comprehensive web archive complete with all information published by your business can help protect your business against regulatory crackdowns, trademark infringement, and financial loss. It can also help preserve your corporate memory for the future. As such, you’ll be able to instantly access relevant historical information that can be used effectively to inform and create new brand campaigns, for example. 

Educating your employees 

Employees should be educated on how their online behaviors contribute to your business’s digital footprint and the risks posed if they don’t take steps to be careful online. For example, a cybercriminal may be able to use your company’s digital footprint to steal an employee’s identity, access your business emails and finances, or target employees with scams or phishing campaigns. By making sure your employees know how to manage and minimize their digital footprints both at home and at work, you can better keep your business secure.

Protecting your business’s digital footprint is essential for strong cybersecurity and positive public perception. By assessing your footprint, creating a web archive, and educating your employees, you can improve security and help manage and reduce your footprint.

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