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Expert Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer

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Top tips to become a successful freelancer

So, you’re here because you want to join the freelance business and gain freedom from the eight-to-five cycle. Through the Internet, you can now connect with clients from different parts of the globe. This connectivity has opened up new opportunities, allowing people with skills to find jobs online. If you’re a skilled writer, you can pursue a career as a freelance copywriter. This job does not require waking up every morning and going to a workplace, as you can do everything from home. Freelancing comes with freedom as you can choose when to work, and you can work from anywhere.

However, when working freelance or self-employed, you need a level of discipline as freedom can make you forget about your goals. It’s important to create an environment that motivates you to deliver the best results. If you’re looking for ideas to become a top freelancer, here are tips to get started.

Define Your Expertise

The first thing is to identify what you want to offer to the world. When clients are searching for a professional to hire, they look for a freelancer with the right experience in a specific industry. While any freelancer can work on tasks in that industry, one with the credentials and extensive experience will be more attractive to clients. Someone with a background in an industry will be more likely to deliver to the client’s expectations. So, before applying for freelance remote-jobs, evaluate your credentials to know which skills you possess. Like playing slots online, you want to embrace something you understand well enough.

Know in which areas you completed work in the past. It’s important to think about the expertise and experiences you have and how they can shape your career. Do you have certifications in a field? These can make you more appealing to clients. If there’s an area you would like to work in, and you don’t have formal training and experience, get certifications to build a strong resume.

Set Your Prices Competitively

Often, new freelancers who have just learned about freelance job meaning will be tempted to undersell themselves. Being a beginner in the industry does not mean you don’t have sufficient skills to deliver quality work. Selling your services cheap might actually drive away clients who are looking for the best freelancers.

Clients work with professionals they can trust to handle a project confidently. Low pricing can hinder the confidence of clients in your skills. It sets the bar too low for rates with your clients. Instead, review your professional experience and expertise. Consider the jobs you have completed in the past and the results you produced. Research typical rates in the industry and use this as the benchmark.

The idea is to price yourself honestly while bidding on jobs. For your hourly rate, check what other professionals at your level are charging. To set the rate for an entire project, calculate how long it will take, including the time you’ll spend on communication with your client.

Build a Digital Presence

A lot of work is done online. Many businesses post jobs on job boards, and clients search for independent professionals. Different platforms make it easy to build a portfolio, which you can use to demonstrate your skills to potential clients. Find platforms like Upwork, where you can create personal pages, list your past projects, and highlight feedback from previous clients.

A strong digital presence on different platforms will bring you closer to more freelance opportunities. Build a LinkedIn presence and use this as an opportunity to link up with everyone. Nurture a strong network to get leads for prospective clients for freelance work.

Use Online Platforms to Find Clients

With increased freelancing across different industries, there are many web-based platforms you can use to connect with clients. Upwork and Freelancer are just among the many options you can find. Clients who want to hire freelancers create accounts on these platforms to connect with independent professionals. This allows them to collect bids from independent professionals. Search for projects based on topics or keywords and apply to these projects.

Request Referrals

To acquire more clients, you can request for referrals when you complete projects for your current clients. Let them know you want to build a strong business, so if they see someone looking for your services, they can refer them to you. Because the referrals are from customers who appreciate your work, they carry more weight.


As a professional looking to build a career in the freelance marketplace, it’s important to embrace the opportunities available on the Internet. Join job boards and apply for jobs; if you’re confident you can deliver to the client’s expectations. Build a strong online presence to showcase your work.

What is your experience with online work opportunities? Leave a comment below.

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Scott Carrion is a freelance writer and analyst focusing on business and marketing. His Master’s degree in Business research from Curtis L. Carlson School of Management has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He works closely with B2B and B2C companies providing useful and engaging content that can convert viewers into customers.



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