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How To Convert Simple Text Into Binary Code

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When you have to connect with someone or give someone some instructions, what would you do? Simply you will text that person.

But what if the person only knows English and you are texting him in French? It will be frustrating for both of you. You can’t convey it properly and the second person would not understand it.

The same will go with the computers if they have feelings. They will feel confused since they do not know your language. To convey your message to computers, you have to convert it into a binary system.

This is the only language a computer can understand and work according to it. Binary code may seem a little bit complex to you, but it is very simple and interesting.

It may look very difficult to convert simple text into a binary code at the start. I this article, we are going to learn what binary code is, how to convert simple text into binary code, and the benefits of learning binary code. It will help you a lot to understand this system as a beginner.

What is binary code?

A system that consists of only two numbers 0 and 1 is called a binary system.  In this system, only these two numbers are used to represent data and give instructions.

0 and 1 are the bits of binary code. In programming, learning binary systems is very essential and compulsory. Without them, the computer will not be able to understand and obey your instructions.

All the features we see on a computer such as see pictures, text, videos. And other stuff is due to the instruction given through this system.

In a binary system, 0 and 1 indicate off and on. In simple, this system works like a switch. No means current has stopped and yes mean current is passing. This system is invented by mathematician Gottfried Leibniz in 1689.

How to convert a simple text into a binary system?

If you plan to choose to program as a profession, you should learn binary systems for sure. Without knowing it, you can’t make a program.

Every character is assigned with an ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interexchange) value. To convert simple text into a binary code, you have to learn these values first.

Then you have to convert this value into binary code by using the division-reminder technique as you do in simple mathematics division. You have to be very careful while converting a character’s ASCII value into binary code as a minor mistake can make things difficult for you.

It will be a tough and time-consuming effort if you decide to convert the simple text into a binary code manually. Secondly, there are always chances that you somehow make mistakes that may lead to a complete project failure.

But in the present scenario, you have to work pretty quickly so you can complete maximum projects in a short time. If you are stuck on a single error for hours, that would cause a decrease in your Gig ranking as well.

To reduce this issue, you can also use an online binary translator to convert simple text into binary code. These tools work very fast and you will get the results in a matter of minutes.

You do not have to put extra effort to convert your work into a computer-understanding message. You just have to paste or upload a file of simple text into the given space and follow the instructions mentioned there. The tool will automatically convert simple words into the perfect binary code.

There is no chance that a character may convert wrong into a binary code. So you can feel free while converting and at the time of delivering it to someone.

The binary translator is helpful on many points. It will reduce effort, time, and the chances of mistakes as well.

Why is it important to learn binary code?

In the world of programming, learning binary code is an essential thing, if you want to become one. This is the only language a computer can understand so you have to be an expert in it if you want to give instructions to a computer.

A programmer serves as a mediator between a computer and the end-users. Learning a binary system allows you to give instructions to the computer properly so it can act according to these instructions.

A computer is an essential part of all jobs or businesses nowadays. If you know how does a computer work or how to give computer instructions, it will be very beneficial for you.

Learning binary codes allows you to understand a computer and its function more deeply.

It will also help you in understanding an error or problem a computer is facing. You can easily diagnose and later fix it without someone other’s help.


Computers can only understand the binary code language. It is very hard to convert a simple text into a binary code system manually. It will take much time and there are also chances of a wrong translation.

After reading this article, you will be able to understand what binary code is, how it is important, and how to convert a simple text into a binary code system quickly.


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