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11 Best Content Writing Tools 2022

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Do you want to create great content but don’t know how to? Have you completely given up on writing because it feels too overwhelming? You could sit and write all day if you had a mad hatter tea party to attend. But alas, you have to work for a living. This leaves you receiving constant phone calls from your family wondering when that article about hiking in Austria is going to get written? Or you are stressed out about how to finish the order of my client who came to buy a term paper for college? We have a solution to all your worries. To get it you better read the article first!

What is a content writing tool and how does it help you?

Content Writing Tool refers to the application in which people can easily create or edit new articles or posts for their blogs. It is used to create and publish your own blog articles as well as manage them. It helps you write faster, post more frequently, and share more engaging content with your readers.

Some blog writing tools allow you to build a blog community by connecting with;

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter and YouTube account so that you can share your blog posts with hundreds of members in one place.

List of 11 Content Writing Tools:

Content writing is what adds a full-body, robust character, and a strong finish to all good blogs. There are many tools available on the Internet and it can be challenging to choose the right writing tool that works.

We are going to cover some of the most frequently used content tools, their applications, and how they bring you into the league of successful bloggers.

1.    SpinnerChief :

This is an online article rewriter tool that works for almost any website. It simply reads the input and rewrites it, giving you a fully spun new article. It puts you ahead of your competition by allowing you to get more readable, unique, and natural content with less effort.

2.    Thesaurus:

This helps with your article’s word count as well as making it more interesting and readable. You can even find words that rhyme with the ones you’ve used. It’s a smart search engine that allows you to find the right set of words to describe your content and related synonyms. This way your audience can get the right message across.

3.    Content Idea Generator Tool:

This will help you to create effective blog content by generating ideas. It will provide you with hundreds of unique ideas and topics that are relevant to your niche. You need to sign up at this service and instantly get started with your blog writing.

4.    Grammarly:

It is an example of the best writing tool that is used by professionals and amateurs alike. It helps in improving your English grammar and spelling skills through its rich features such as contextual spell checker, plagiarism detector, advanced grammar rules and synonyms, etc.

5.    Plagiarism Detector:

It is one of the most popular tools for checking plagiarized contents in your blog on the internet. This tool is a must-have in your arsenal if you are serious about your career as a blogger as it helps to check the originality of your blog and avoid posting content that has already been published elsewhere on the internet.

6.    Copyscape:

Copyscape checker is another major tool that helps in finding out if the contents posted by you on your blogs have been copied from any other source or not? Copyscape checker also offers various features like a free trial version, tutorial, etc.

7.    Evernote:

It is considered as one of the best writing platforms that provide you with a simple interface and easy navigation making it easier for users to share their blogs across different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

8.    Google Docs:

It is a great tool that lets you work with multiple people at once on a document through Google Drive. By using this platform, you can collaborate with other bloggers on individual posts or pages and come up with great ideas that will help bring traffic to your website.

9.    Blog Topic Generator

Composing a blog article is often the most difficult task for any blogger, particularly when you don’t have an idea for a topic or know where to start. This is especially true for beginners.

This tool will generate hundreds of ideas within minutes and only requires a few words to create a searchable database that will make writing blog posts easier than ever. Don’t settle for just any topic. Use this tool to find the perfect one.

10.  Hemingway

A tool that checks your writing for unnecessary words and phrases and gives an estimate on reading grade level. The grades are based on the Flesch-Kincaid reading ease test.

We found Hemingway to be an easy-to-use online writing tool, which performed well in most cases. It’s good enough to use it as a reference when editing my text.

11.  ProWritingAid

This is another great alternative to the Hemingway App, which offers a free version of its content checker software (although it has fewer features than the paid version). Both of these tools are extremely good for guiding the writer.

Content is the king! This is true erstwhile your blog still struggles to get your visitors. When your blog is at an underrated level, you might be wondering what tools you can use to improve your blog’s content and performance. So, besides above-listed tools you can further explore different communities and social media platforms to ask questions, answer questions and engage with other people to make your essay longer.


Now that you know the top 15 content writing tools, it is your turn to choose one of them and try them out. Hopefully, these tools will help you with your article writing and make it easier for you. Keep in mind that they are just tools, not solutions, so they won’t write your content for you. Considering the fact that each tool has its own drawbacks, strengths, and limitations, it is hard to say which one is the best tool overall.



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