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6 Unnecessary Windows Programs You Should Uninstall

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Windows is one of the most prolific software development platforms. Even without installing any software, a laptop will come with numerous programs for basic and advanced tasks. You may also have downloaded or purchased other programs in the course of using the computer but do not need to keep them anymore.


Uninstalling a program from your computer happens at the click of a button. However, the implications could be huge, ranging from the inability to perform certain tasks to creating more room for other apps.

A computer owner does not use all the programs installed all at once. Some may take days before opening while others take weeks or even months. Other programs are used every day. Why would it be necessary to uninstall a program?

Why remove unnecessary programs

  • They occupy space – All programs installed on computers, laptops, and other gadgets occupy space. It means that your computer has less RAM whenever you are performing a task. At the same time, it limits the size of files you can save into your computer. Uninstalling the programs creates more space for you to store more valuable files.
  • Slow down your computer – Installed programs occupy space on your laptop or computer. It reduces the RAM and eventually the operating speed. Some of the programs continue to run in the background even when they are not actively used. By uninstalling them, you have more space to run your operations faster and more efficiently.
  • Prone to viruses – Unnecessary programs are rarely updated. As a result, they are highly prone to viruses, hacking, and other cyberattacks. Development format could also be a reason for the programs to be vulnerable. To protect your computer, you need to remove the unnecessary programs.
  • Affect the performance of your computer – Unnecessary programs will interfere with the efficiency of your computer. They slow down operations, reduce the space available, and create pop-up windows that interfere with your work.

How to choose the programs to uninstall

You purchase the windows programs on your laptop or computer. Uninstalling is, therefore, not a simple task. You might lose data or disable your work. How do you choose the program to uninstall? Answer the following questions to identify the target programs.

  • Do you need the program?
    • Computers and gadgets come with superfluous programs. The gadgets are also designed for different tasks, some of which you cannot manage. If you do not need a program, it is only fair to free your laptop by uninstalling it.
  • Can you use the program?
    • Computer programs require particular skills to run. Without the skills, the program will be wasting your space. Uninstall the programs that you cannot use and especially do not desire to learn how to use.
  • Are you receiving security alerts?
    • Is the computer alerting you about a problem with a particular program? It is time to uninstall it. Such programs become a security threat by slowing down your operations.
  • Do you need space and efficiency?
    • Uninstall programs to create space. If you have a program that requires more space and operating speed, removing the redundant programs will improve your efficiency.

Here are windows programs you can uninstall without affecting your basic operations.

  1. CCleaner

It was once the most trusted app for cleaning junk from your laptop. However, its acquisition by Avast brought down its reputation. Its efficiency has been overtaken by many other programs, all available for free.

  1. uTorrent

The program set the standards in dealing with torrents on Windows. However, it has downgraded its quality by including too many ads. Other apps have occupied the space with better results.

  1. Adobe Flash player

The program is not even supported by browsers as of January 2021. Uninstall it from your local flash to avoid security loopholes.

  1. Microsoft Silverlight

It once allowed rich content to play on your browser. However, the format and quality of rich media have changed drastically, rendering Silverlight obsolete.

  1. Coupon Printer for Windows

It comes bundled with other programs. However, it only makes sense for Coupon.com lovers. When is the last time you got a coupon there? It tells you how much relevant the program is.

  1. WinRAR

It helped you deal with file extensions. However, newer software has pushed her out of favor. It should not waste your valuable space.

The efficiency of your computer depends on the programs installed. Get assignment help online and give more room to work on personal projects, especially using your computers and free time in college.  Keep your computer updated, efficient, and secure by uninstalling unnecessary programs.

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