May 21, 2024

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6 Common MacOS Monterey Problems And Solutions

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MacOS Monterey has been well received when it comes to the new features, the redesigning of Safari, and many other improvements. However, like with any update, there’s a significant period of bugs and tweaks that need doing. In some ways, the macOS performance may have actually dropped after the update, so let’s take a look at some of the common Monterey problems and how to solve them.

Fast Battery Drain

If your Mac is beginning to drain significantly faster due to the update, it’s likely the future updates of Monterey will be focused on solving this problem. However, in the meantime, there are some actions to take to improve battery life. First and foremost, make sure the Mac is actually up to date. In fact, this should be step number 1 for almost any issue you encounter. Head to System Preferences > Software Update to check.

Next, make sure to Force Quit apps that you’re not using. By pressing the Apple menu in the top left and then Force Quit, we can see a list of apps that we can Force Quit. Make this a regular habit.

Furthermore, make sure all apps are up to date. We can assess this by going to the Mac App Store and pressing Updates at the bottom. Another tip is to use Safari over Chrome, because the latter uses up a tonne of resources.

App Crashing

It’s been reported that some Mac users are experiencing crashing and freezing since updating to Monterey. The first step is to perform the instructions above regarding updating apps, as this is a common cause of app freezing. If it’s just one app in particular that continues to freeze, consider deleting the app and reinstalling it. To do this, locate the app within Finder > Applications, and then drag it into Trash. Find it on the Mac App Store to reinstall.

Wi-Fi not working

This is a common issue with Monterey and it can really get in the way of our work. Usually, turning the Wi-Fi network off then on again will fix the issue (press the WiFi icon at the top) and toggle it off/on. If this doesn’t work, consider heading to the Network Preferences, Advance Tab, then pressing the minus sign on the network you’re using. This will forget the network. Now, we must reconnect by typing in the Wi-Fi password.


Overheating is an issue that plagues most MacBooks. If you’re sure that the charger isn’t damaged and the Mac isn’t covered (i.e. has good airflow) then it’s a good idea to restart the Mac – many people fail to properly turn off the mac regularly enough. Also, consider decluttering the Mac by heading into About This Mac > Storage Tab > Manage. Go through the recommendations to tidy up the machine.

Mouse Input Lag

Some people report a lagging mouse input with Monterey. There’s no real fix yet for this issue, but it could be worth Force Quitting any conflicting apps or even downgrading to a previous macOS.

Monterey Won’t Install

Some people actually have issues installing the new macOS. Usually, this is because there’s not enough free storage space (20GB+ is required). Head to About This Mac > Storage Tab to see what’s available. Otherwise, check the Wi-Fi connection and the Apple System status.

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