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Best Internal Communication Tools in 2022

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The way companies communicate with their employees has changed drastically in the last few years. The situation has improved and instead of traditional top-down communication,  bottom-up communication has become more and more popular. The synonym for the latter type of communication could be collaborative communication. It refers to taking into account all employees, their ideas, thoughts, and perceptions to make the best business decision. The bottom-up communication has unleashed much more creativity, more brainstorming, and more productive conversations. This inevitably led to an increase in the number of digital communication tools. To be more precise, to the increase of internal communication tools. New communication apps and tools appear almost on an everyday basis, so we decided to hand-pick a few that we consider the best.

What is Internal Communication?

Internal communication refers to communication happening within an organization. It refers to both real-time conversation and conversation happening over emails. It also refers to internal messaging.

Every business is different. It means that the needs and requirements will differ, too. Furthermore, it means that there are also many different ways to communicate in the workplace. Clear, transparent, and open communication in the workplace is a pillar of a successful business. When your employees know exactly what they need to do, when they can openly ask about issues they are facing, and when they can find out the necessary information easily and quickly, this enables them to be more productive, engaged and collaborate more. You can also share links to internal or external blogs that your employees will benefit from. They could be both entertaining and work-related. Ultimately, it makes them deliver a task more efficiently and effectively.

Which are The Best Internal Communication Tools?

As we’ve already said there are as many internal communication tools as there are types of businesses. Let’s go together through our top choices.


An intranet is a private hub accessible only to the employees of an organization. It provides collaboration tools, features, and access to resources. Intranet is a very broad term. In general, it covers everything starting from Slack, internal messages, and forums to specific channels your organization might use. It also provides the space for sharing ideas and offering advice and help. Furthermore, it is great for “breaking the ice” and helping peers get to know each other better.

Many intranet platforms provide even more tips and tools in case you are already using an intranet. Many also guide you if you are new in these waters. They are tailored for smaller or bigger businesses and each of them could be the right fit depending on your business needs. If you are, for example, a large company with a focus on corporate communication, then Staffbase might be your perfect fit When it comes to competitors of Staffbase, it is great that you can check them in one place and see what suits you best.

Messaging Tools/Chatting Tools

These tools are great because they enable peers to stay in touch and not be left out of conversations or new information regardless of their time zone. They are practical and easy to use and you can get an instant update on a project or a task you’re working on. Definitely, a great benefit of these tools is that you can always track down the point of reference and get back to it. Depending on what type of messaging tools you’re using, you can create separate channels, categories, subfolders, etc. Another benefit is that any new team member will be able to see the conversation history, get relevant information much quicker, and adopt them at their own pace. Some of the most popular messaging tools are Slack, Clarity, Mio, etc.

Video Conferencing Tools

Apart from the many benefits, there are to working remotely, a big challenge remains not being in the same office with your peers, enjoying coffee breaks, or having quick lunch together. That is why video conferencing platforms are such a great thing. They help employees feel less isolated and distant. They also provide an opportunity to organize virtual events and celebrate important milestones or birthdays. Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to name a few.

Document Collaboration Tools

Let’s be honest, hardly anybody loves paperwork and going through tons and tons of documents. If you add the fact that quite often they are scattered in so many folders, subfolders, etc., it makes the matters even worse. This is where document collaboration tools come in handy.  You can store all your documents and files, even photos in one place. We’re talking about Google Docs, Dropbox, and Google Sheets. Furthermore, some also help you organize your files and tasks, which is very useful if you are in the Project Management industry. Some examples include Asana, Hubspot, Trello, etc.

So, Which One Should You Pick?

The topic of internal communication tools is extremely broad. And although we shared our top picks, the choice will primarily depend on your business needs and requirements. What works for one company, doesn’t mean it works for the other. It is important not to overload your team with too many tools. It would lead to confusion and then you are back to square one. Instead, choose a tool or two that will cover most of your needs. And not to forget, a tool that your employees will love using because a tool without a user can’t help your business.

















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