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How Paraphrasing Tools Are Helpful For Bloggers?

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How paraphrasing tools are helpful for Bloggers?

1.    Right word Substitutions

For writing a quality blog, you need to value the right words. Every word has a unique meaning, explaining the nature, intensity level, and overall picture of the related phenomenon.

For example, the words “Happiness” and “contentment” both show an influx of positive emotions of joy but they don’t mean the same. Happiness can come from a leisure trip or a party, but contentment relates to the gratitude of your heart.

A successful blogger should use the right word in the right place. The more complex or crude an idea becomes, you need a better vocabulary to express it.

The paraphrases have access to unlimited words. They can access your draft, understand your point of view, and then replace your wrongly placed words.

See below for a better understanding

The left window uses words like “repair” and “offer” for company reputation and representation. On the right, the tool has replaced them with “restoration” and “provide”, which are suitable for our purpose.

Eliminates Plagiarism

Plagiarism means copying another person’s published content and disguising it as your own. It is a blogging disaster.

Google’s advanced software can determine it. And after, it would make you pay. The website faces negative rankings, copyright strikes, and a possible ban as well.

Article rewrites can rephrase your initial draft, making it unique. So that Google has no problem ranking your blog above others.

Sentence Structure

Sentence structure is important for engaging your audience. Being a blogger, you want the reader to spend maximum time on your blogs. The sentence should be short, crisp, and thoughtful.

Bloggers should pay attention to the sequencing of the sentence. Every sentence should aid the previous sentence and leave the audience inquisitive about the next one.

The length of the sentence is also important. Google prefers short sentences; they give better views.  You should practice explaining the crude concept in a minimalistic manner.

Seems like a lot of work? Just write your rough draft and pass it through the rephraser. The tool would take care of your sentence structure as you can see in the image below:

In the above pic, you can see that the sentence on the left has undergone 46% alterations. The sentences have to be rewritten to convey the message.

 Grammatical Correction

To earn views and quality backlinks for your website, the grammar of your blog should be inch-perfect. In this fast-paced industry, thousands of new blogs are posted every day. Nobody pays attention to the work struggling with basics.

To avoid that, we recommend bloggers use paraphrasers. The rewrite will be free of basic grammatical errors. The critically acclaimed tools possess grammar checkers, which further validate the authenticity of your rewrite.

To see that in action, consider the following example:

You see that grammatical errors of “goes” and “do not” have been replaced with “attend” and “Not going well”.  The changes have been highlighted in red.

 Improves readability

Blogging thrives on people’s connection with your words. For that, a blogger should work on the readability of his blog.

A readable blog uses contemporary language so that people can connect. The paragraphing has a huge role there as well. The blog should have coherence, strong argumentation, an engaging tone, and active sentences. Audiences suffer while reading Passive writing and dull tone.

Modern tools can improve the overall readability of your content.

Saves Time

The phrase “time is money” is true for everyone but for bloggers, it is like an unwritten constitution. They can write more when they have free time. That gives the financial edge over other Jobs. But if they invest too much time in paraphrasing, they lose the bigger picture.

Rewriting a standard 2000 words blog takes up 6-8 hours, while an efficient paraphrasing tool can do it in seconds.  Just imagine the time you can save?

Why do bloggers prefer paraphrasing?

Ranking a website isn’t an easy job. Currently, there are more than 1.7 billion websites in the world. Getting among the top 10 websites of your niche requires SEO Optimization.

One of the key factors in SEO optimization is the activity of your blog.  Google puts a lot of stress on updated content for ranking a site. Due to this bloggers are required to consistently pour in the content on their website.

For that, they must rewrite the same content with alternate words, sentence structure, paragraphing style, and linguistic nuances. But the human brain is limited. It can rephrase a text in limited ways, after that it starts creating mental pressure. This pressure causes undue mental stress and fatigue.

Paraphrasing Tools: The Ultimate Solution for Blogger

To get rid of this trap, we recommend every blogger use the online paraphrasing tool. These tools can paraphrase your content with their advanced NLP algorithms. The rewrite is unique, accurate, and efficient.

A quality rewriter maintains the contextual sequence. The paraphrasers not only rewrite your content, but they can also improve your text as well. It results in greater engagement and a better user experience.

If used well, these tools can become your greatest alleys in this battle of high rankings.

Final Words

Bloggers need to equip themselves with the latest technology. The content world has changed. Unless you keep up with its pace, you would be left far behind.

To give more quality in less time, they should always consult paraphrasing tools. This blog explains how these tools can help bloggers.

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