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Key Components of a Great Web Design

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A website is an excellent tool for businesses looking to attract and retain their customers, with the right design helping you set yourself apart from other companies. While visual aesthetics may seem like a mix and match between different color themes and images, great designs are more than these basics. Below, we look at some essential components of a great website.

Navigation Tools

Navigation tools include menu items, with the right drop-down lists, making it easier for your customers to identify your products and services. A site map can help with this, providing an index of how your content is structured. This will also prove helpful for search engines to index your website content, making it possible to recommend your website to your target audience. Keep in mind that your menu items need to be accessible from any page, eliminating time wasted on navigation.

Web Friendly

No matter how well structured your website appears, ranking high on search engines will be the key to helping you increase traffic to your site. With this in mind, your website needs to be web friendly to accommodate SEO best practices. A few tips to help with this include using compelling meta tags tailored to relevant content, meta descriptions, keyword integration, fast page speeds, and white space design.

Visual Designs and Graphics

Your graphics will either improve your aesthetics or lower it, influencing your retention rate. Consider utilizing elements such as flash intros, scrolling texts, and animations to impress your audience. These should, however,  be used sparingly, only in areas that you wish to emphasize. These could be flash sales or dates for your product drops. Ensure that the colors and fonts match your brand to show professionalism, which helps build your credibility.


Quality content is another component that will help your website stand out. Your text should be well thought out, with easy-to-read sentences, making it easy for your audience to browse through the most important part of your site. Additionally, your content should be relevant to the type of products and services you offer, with your demographics’ preferences setting the tone for the kind of information to display. A niche edit service can help with this, enabling you to update your website with relevant content with links to authoritative sites.

Utilize Mobile-Friendly Layouts

Mobile commerce has shown a significant increase over the last few years, with an estimated 5.22 billion users reported to use their mobile devices daily. Marketing your products to such an audience will require you to optimize your website with a mobile-friendly layout, making it possible to retain current customers while attracting new ones. One way to achieve this is by utilizing responsive web design elements that resize your content based on the device in use. Text, videos, and buttons will automatically be rescaled to fit smaller screens, making it possible for your audience to navigate your site.

Feature Videos

Feature videos are a relatively new concept to web design, with numerous companies using these to highlight specific aspects of the company, product, or service. You could, for instance, use a feature video to showcase your purchase process, allowing your customers to cut back on time spent on the navigation process. Businesses can also use this component to showcase new products, especially when working with niche products or services. This will allow you to influence your customer’s decision-making process, proving useful for increased revenue. For the best outcome, make it a point to keep your videos short, with minute-long features being ideal.

Fast Speed

In a fast-paced world, consumers are continually looking for companies that offer fast solutions with quick load times, making it possible to achieve this. The ideal load time should be 2-3 seconds, with any delays increasing your bounce rate. To achieve this, consider using dedicated VPS hosting instead of shared hosting, which often increases loading times. Additionally, compress files hosted on your site to reduce the time between each click.


Your website needs to directly relate to your brand, making it possible for your customers to identify you from your competitors. Ensure that your logo is placed strategically, with your tag line and vision also standing out. Remember that these should be well placed to allow your customers to filter through other information without your branding essentials acting as a distraction.

If you are a business owner looking for ways to increase your customer conversion, having a great web design will be the solution that allows you to benefit from increased customer conversion. Make it a point to prioritize navigation, graphics, and speed. In addition to this, your content, mobile layouts, and graphics matter, allowing you to capture user interest easily.


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