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How Social Commerce Can Boost Your Online Sales? – A Complete Guide

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Online shopping is no longer limited to e-commerce websites but also permeates social media.

Businesses are using social media platforms to increase sales as consumers spend more time on social media.

Social commerce sales are expected to increase by 35.8% this year alone, making this an area your e-commerce business should be focusing on.

With social media becoming such a popular place for people to shop, it stands to reason that businesses should devote more time and resources to developing a strong social commerce strategy to boost their online sales.

Social Commerce – An Overview

Social shopping is another term for social commerce. Simply put, this is a combination of eCommerce and social media where you tag your products into social media content and allow users to buy them directly through this shoppable content.

Ways To Boost Your Online Sales Through Social Commerce

Consistently Post Content

Awareness and engagement are critical to the success of your social media shopping strategy. It becomes really tough for you to sell your products if users are unaware of your brand.

Content is the best strategy for increasing social media reach, awareness, and engagement. Consistency in your content will bring in new users and engage your existing followers on a regular basis.

This is how you’ll drive the most traffic to your social media shopping pages or shoppable content feeds.

Convert User’s Content Into Shoppable UGC

Remember, your shopping profile is only for customers. You can show them what their friends are saying about the brand. This is where user-generated content enters the picture.

Integrating your users’ photos into your social shop is a good practice. Collect relevant UGC from social profiles easily, make it shoppable, and share it on social media or publish the shoppable UGC gallery on the website.

It is an excellent way to combine points of inspiration and points of sale. Users’ content is a trust-building factor, displaying social proof, increasing credibility, and inspiring additional purchases.

Use Influencer Marketing

Marketing and shopping are combined in successful social commerce. Using influencers is a great marketing strategy for increasing visibility and sales.

The influencer marketing industry is massive, and the right influencer can help you reach a much larger audience.

Working with the right influencer is essential for a successful influencer marketing strategy. This person must be appealing to your target customers and have a high level of engagement.

When you’ve found the right influencer, create a strategy for which products they’ll promote via paid posts. Their target audience will see your product, tap on it, and be taken directly to your social commerce store.

Focus On Customer Service

Don’t overlook the ‘social’ aspect of social commerce. Customers nowadays expect to interact with brands via social media. Your social media channels should be used to provide both customer service and shopping experiences.

Unlike an online store, you can use social media to respond to comments and questions, converse with customers, and build a community. Consumers want to see this engagement on your social platforms, which can be a deciding factor in whether or not they make a purchase.

Post Great Social Media Content

While the strength of your e-commerce store is determined by your products, the strength of your social media content determines your social commerce success.

Basically, if you want to attract and retain a consumer audience, you must post great content.

To accomplish this, you must post high-quality images and videos on your channels that provide value to your followers.

Provide interesting product insights, helpful tips, and entertaining content. Your goal is to build an engaged following that is interested in your brand throughout the purchasing process.

Post Great Social Media Content

Users do not want content aimed at increasing sales and promotions on social media. As a result, you should avoid sharing content with the intention of tagging products.

Users will not engage with your content if it does not add value to them.

Instead, share content that has a purpose provides value and features your products naturally as part of the scene so that consumers are intrigued.

Natural tagging of your products in your social content will also improve the performance of your content. Through social eCommerce, you will be able to attract more users, engage them, and ultimately sell more.

Encourage Reviews

Positive feedback is critical for increasing sales. In fact, 93% of online shoppers rely on reviews to make a purchasing decision.

The more positive feedback you receive, the better. Share these reviews on social media and make them visible to potential customers.

You can collect reviews by sending an automated email to customers politely asking them to leave a review. You could even use your contest as a motivator to get more reviews.

Wrapping Up!

Social commerce has the potential to be the future of online shopping.

It’s a rapidly evolving field with a lot of potential for optimizing the buying journey and improving the online consumer experience.

If your online store isn’t taking advantage of social commerce, it’s time to start.

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