June 12, 2024

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How To Build A Team For Your Online Business

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If you have an online business, you are likely wondering what the next step is to take after receiving some initial traction. Perhaps you started the business by yourself and have managed to land some customers – which you are fulfilling on your own.

Well, the next logical step is to start recruiting team members to help you with specific tasks and enable the growth of your business. However, how you will build your team might be less clear to you. It is rarely as simple as fishing for certain roles on job sites, and simply recruiting whoever has the most qualifications or experience.

While this is a key factor in recruitment, when you are building an online business from the ground up, it is just as much about the type of character you are hiring or their willingness to invest in your vision. How do you go about building the best team possible for your business? This is what you need to know:

Make sure your systems are in place first
Before you start building your team and growing your business, you need to ensure that the foundations are in place first. In the same way that a skyscraper will fall if there are no foundations, your company will implode into chaos if you don’t have systems to manage your team and enable them to do their jobs properly.

For example, you might want to invest in dedicated cloud accounts for your key team members to store data, collaborate and develop projects in. If this is the case, then consider also using a CIEM to manage these accounts and ensure you have full visibility over how they are being used.

Use freelancers to start with
Another great tip to remember when you are building a team for your online business is that you don’t need to hire full-time staff members from the off. In fact, it may be more useful for you to start by giving roles to freelancers who can solve problems and execute particular tasks for you without requiring the baggage of a hiring process, watertight contracts, HR facilities, or team meetings.

What’s more, freelancers are usually a whole lot cheaper than full-time employees because you only need to pay for the exact hours you need for them to complete a particular task. On top of this, freelancers are likely far better at their jobs than a typical employee because of their expertise and experience in completing one task or skill – such as accounting or copywriting.

Only hire when you have no time to do it yourself
Lastly, you need to remember that hiring staff members will not solve your problems automatically. It can just put added pressure on you and your fledging online business, without being necessary.

A good rule of thumb is only to hire staff members when you no longer have time to complete those tasks yourself. This way, you can multiply yourself and ensure you are being as productive as possible.

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