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Facebook Disabled My Account After 17 Years, They Are Wrong!!! Part 1

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December 2007. The time when I opened my Facebook account. 17 years. Then on the morning of June 20th I wake, grab my phone to do the normal check the morning feeds to see a message that my account has been suspended. What? What did I do? Nothing… Used my Facebook account the same way I have for the last 17 years. Used my Instagram the same, limited way I have for years. That’s it. Yet, something, somewhere flagged my account and disabled it.

If I did, Facebook won’t tell you. Here’s the text on one of the links I came across in the limited customer support resources:

We’ve determined that you are not eligible to use Facebook. This decision is final. Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we can’t give you any additional information as to why your account was disabled. For more information about our policies
I wish I could work with this level of handwashing policies… my rules, my decision, I don’t need to tell you anything, trust us you were bad to our rules but we aren’t going to tell you which ones, now go away.
Problem #1 – An Instagram account didn’t follow the rules so my Facebook account was suspended. NOT the alleged offending Instagram account, but Facebook.

Problem #2 – That account that is noted, is an Instagram account that is not mine, never been mine, not attached to my account.

Problem #3 – A suspension completely cuts off your account. This includes any and all access to important data to help determine the reasons.

Now, if I were a top system solution architect (I am), I would have accounts flip into Read Only mode. The account disappears from everyone’s feeds and lists. The account you can login to. The account grants you full access to all the screens you need BUT you cannot edit anything, cannot post, cannot delete. This will allow users to see connected apps, settings, logs, actually access the links all the support solutions link you to. This is what I would do, but I tend to design smart solutions for global enterprises.

This situation is not uncommon, there’s a Reddit channel dedicated to Facebook disabled situations – https://www.reddit.com/r/facebookdisabledme/

The Customer Support Experience With Meta

TL;DR Version – Meta’s Customer Service is nothing of the sort.

Facebook users, the individual peasants, don’t pay money for using the service. You pay with your data that Meta sells. As a user you get what you pay for. If you think you are going to get any level of intimate customer service, forget it.

No, the only way that I have found, is to pay money for Meta Verified for $15/mo. When you pay hard currency, you get access to ‘enhanced’ support. Because my Facebook account was suspended/disabled I had to do what many other recommended to do, get it with your Instagram account.

I signed up, did the verification, and got my Blue checkmark on my Instagram account. I accessed the ‘enhanced support’ and tried to do the live chat. Well, that is not live, at least not yet, it’s an automated bot.

As I was trying to figure it out, I hit a limit that you can only try 3 chat sessions in 24 hours…

So I emailed them the situation. To Meta’s credit, I got a response in a couple hours. They requested my Facebook account and a screenshot of the suspension (see above). I explained that my Facebook was suspended because of this account quynh_quechi47588 which somehow was tied to my Facebook account broke their rules. Instead of suspending the offending Instagram account, they ban the Facebook account. No warning, no email, no details to why.

Here’s Meta’s response via email

Let’s see what the canned response is on page 47

Email #1 –

Upon evaluation, we have identified there is no connection between the Meta Verified profile and the profile you are requesting for support.

Clearly, my Instagram account is not the problem, it’s being used as the only proxy to actually get to human support at Meta. Blocked.

As a bonus, they provide all these links for resources, but you need to login to Facebook to access them. My account is locked.

Email #2 –

I responded to that email and made it clear to the situation. My Facebook account was disabled due to an Instagram account that I do not own. All the links they submitted I cannot do any of the links because my Facebook account is disabled!

Here’s there response –

Upon further investigation, we cannot currently assist you with this request. If you haven’t tried this already, we encourage you to report this issue via facebook.com/hacked or instagram.com/hacked.

If you are no longer able to submit an appeal, we are left with no further actions on the account. As you know, Meta has the right to close an account performing actions contrary to our objectives and for the security and safety of our users, the account will remain disabled.

Since we have provided you information as to what you need to do and the issue seems to be clarified, we will now proceed to close this ticket.

We hope for your understanding. Kindly be informed that the resolution we have provided is based on the extent of the service we can provide you at this moment.

Now let’s break this down. Facebook, Meta, one of the largest most sophisticated software companies in the world are handcuffed to their own systems?

Our rules, deal with it

I responded once again with basic troubleshooting and logic tips.


I have been spending the last two days back and forth with Meta Verified ‘enhanced support’ and getting their canned responses.

Stay Tuned for Part 2…

17 Years…


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