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Facebook Disabled My Account After 17 Years, They Are Wrong!!! Part 2 – Analysis

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Meta doesn't care about you as a user. They just don't. Meta is so wrapped up in automated systems running their services the users ultimately suffer, but they don't care.

Meta doesn’t care about you as a user. They just don’t. Meta is so wrapped up in automated systems running their services the users ultimately suffer, but they don’t care.

Catch up with Part 1 – https://binaryblogger.com/2024/06/21/facebook-disabled-my-account-after-17-years-they-are-wrong-part-1/

Don’t confuse automated systems with the artificial intelligence buzzword. There’s nothing intelligent about how they handle their account monitoring, policing, policy enforcement. They have no customer support and continue to fall back on their inability to work with users and hide behind their lack of ability from automated, canned responses.

The only way to get to something that resembles a human to help is to pay money for their Meta Verified service. Only then can you contact Meta and get an answer back. The answer is still mostly automated, canned, unhelpful responses run by whatever random button pusher of a person scattered all over the world.

In my situation, and many many others, we have fallen victim to what I believe is a deep flaw in Facebook’s systems that is allowing scammers to bypass all security controls and get users Facebook accounts suspended/disabled.

Here’s a story about it, this has been going on and still is: https://siliconangle.com/2023/05/28/facebook-users-lose-accounts-due-unknown-linked-spam-instagram-accounts/

The situation works like this, best I can tell.

  • Scammers setup their accounts, a FB Page and their Instagram account.
  • Through a flaw in Facebook’s linking process, the scammers are able to attach or somehow associate their Instagram account to a user’s Facebook account.
  • As a 20 year cybersecurity professional, I also suspect that this scam could involve not attaching a new Instagram account but modifying or replacing an existing, approved Instagram account. This might be why there were no alerts or security triggers.
  • This linking bypasses all security. No multi-factor verification, no approvals outside FB, no email notifications prior or after this.
  • The Instagram account then does some activity that triggers Meta’s automated systems that suspends the user’s Facebook account. Boom, no warning, no chance to stop it, automated policy enforcement.
  • Then you as a user gets this message and the account they claim is yours is not. Yet you are the one without any options and helpless to the iron fist that is Meta.
  • Now, the scammer’s Instagram account violates their policies but Meta suspends the Facebook account. Does that make sense? If an attached account violates their policies, wouldn’t you think they’d suspend the offending account?
  • The frosting on this cake is Meta’s policies that protect them. Because if you ask for what action, the posts, the behavior that caused the suspension… you get the answer that Meta’s policies doesn’t allow them to tell you.


These are screenshots of people who also are victims of this Instagram linking, Facebook suspension vulnerability.

Now, if you are a human with an ounce of logic, let’s break this down logically.

All these people are regular users, normal people that have been Facebook users for 10+ years. Sharing family photos, happy stories, sad events, connecting with long lost friends and socializing in the digital world.

All these people get this suspension message, what is common between all of them… knowing these are regular people.


Here is the 20 year cybersecurity professional answer: Look at the Instagram user accounts Meta claims is the user’s… what’s common about all those user names?

ANSWER: The usernames are no where near what normal people’s Instagram usernames would be. Instead of Jane_mom84, Cali_Dude69, BaseballDude_99, etc… the username look exactly like what scammers would use. A series of random, non-descript characters with no meaning. The is the red flag that these are not the Facebook owner’s accounts, but no human with half-a-brain is looking at this at Meta and realizing there is a deeper underlying problem. Suspend the peasant’s account, who cares. It’s just one user…

Cybersecurity and IT forensics, any investigative forensics, is looking for patterns. Humans are very, very good at abstraction and pattern identification. Here we have a clear pattern and put it through cybersecurity and IT experience, you will see that there is NO WAY the user’s in this large number are the root cause. Yet they are at the mercy and will of Meta with no recourse other than to succumb and bow down to their control and in my case lose 17 YEARS of loyal use of Facebook.

Stay tuned for Part 3 – Meta’s Support replies and Meta Verified Extortion Service

Coming soon:

Part 4 – The Legal Filings

Part 5 – Media and public disclosures.


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