July 20, 2024

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Guest Posts Requests

Do you have original content you want to share?

Do you want to promote your product or service on this blog or on the podcast?

Do you want me to review your product?

I am open to all of them!!!


BinaryBlogger.com is an IT, technology and business-centric blog.

Rejected Topics: CBD, Casino, Gambling, Adult Themes, Pharmaceuticals…

To expedite your requests please follow this process…

Send your email to contactme+guestpost@binaryblogger.com

In the email submit the headline or a list of headlines you’d like to submit.

If you already have a draft of an article, send that for faster service.

Yes, I accept do-follow links

No, I will not put Sponsored tags in the post

$20/article (rates vary on content commitment)



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