July 12, 2024

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Welcome To Binary Blogger

Welcome to the Binary Blogger blog!

I am not one for long, drawn out professional bio descriptions so this isn’t going to be one. My name is Drew Koenig and I have been working in the Information Security space for almost 20 years now, longer if you count the high school internships at the Mayo Clinic and a few side sessions at IBM. I have had the privilege to work in a wide range of environments and industries, primarily in the financial and health care sectors. I worked in security sales for a few years, which I think should be a mandatory career chapter in all IT jobs, you need to sit on the other side of the table. Moved up to management and ran a health care company’s security department for a time until their abrupt bankruptcy and was kicked to the curb.

After I was ‘on the street’ I decided that evangelizing and working as broad as I can was my destiny. I have seen hundreds of companies, thousands of people with varying levels of success and failures in the security space. I decided that working in the services organization, broadening the message and help not just one company but as many as possible to be more secure was where I needed to be.

The best tool in any security program is knowledge.

The biggest threat to a security program is routine.



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